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The present invention is drawn to an electrically “closed” method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data signals over a high voltage power line. Inductive coupling is employed for coupling and decoupling the data signal directly on to and off of a single power line wire. An exemplary devi ...

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Provided is a method and plant for reducing SO2 emissions in which a catalyst for catalyzing the formation of cement clinker is extracted from kiln exhaust gas and recycled.

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In order to avoid external bulging (5) to accommodate accessory mechanisms (27) and gearboxes (30) to drive these mechanisms (27) in accordance with the present invention splitter fairings (26) are located within a bypass duct (23) of an engine (20). The bypass duct (23) is defined between a casing ...


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A sensor 10 comprises an array of electrostatic sensor elements 12, each centred at a respective sensing position 14. Each element produces a respective output signal at 16. The outputs 16 can be used to drive respective pixels of a display. This allows an image to be created to represent the electr ...