Mathew A McPherson: Dual-feed single-cam compound bow. Bear Archery, Malina & Wolson, November 29, 1994: US05368006 (107 worldwide citation)

A cam is eccentrically journaled at one end of a compound archery bow and a pulley is journaled at the other end of the bow. A cable passes around the pulley to form a bowstring section and a second cable section, both sections forming a dual feed single cam compound bow. The amount of feed out to b ...

Harold Jacob, Yoed Rabin: Temperature-controlled snare. Bernard Malina, Malina & Wolson, February 11, 2003: US06517538 (79 worldwide citation)

An apparatus, method and kit are provided for removal of polyps, especially pursuant to colonoscopic surgery. The apparatus includes an endoscopic guide tube, a heating element, a power transmitting element traversing through the guide tube and communicating with the heating element, at least one te ...

Warren Struhl: File folder with attached computer disc pocket. Paperdirect, Malina & Wolson, January 4, 1994: US05275438 (46 worldwide citation)

An article is provided for the filing and storage together of a computer disc with related paper sheets. The article includes a folder for the sheets and a storage pocket for the computer disc. The storage pocket will be of smaller dimension than the folder and attached to a front surface of the fol ...

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An archery bow includes pivoting limb pockets for attaching two split limbs or a single limb to the bow handle. The limb pockets are secured to the handle by an adjustment bolt. Circular mating portions on the pocket and handle permit rotation of the pocket about the handle. A slug which is press-fi ...

Milton Frank, Joel L Rosenlicht: Electro-surgical instrument and method for use with dental implantations. BEI Medical Systems, Malina & Wolson, December 20, 1994: US05374188 (37 worldwide citation)

An electro-surgical instrument and method is described for exposing gingival areas in preparation for a dental implant. The instrument includes an elongated handle, a leg extending perpendicular to the handle adjoined therewith, and a circular cutting loop. The loop is defined by a plane perpendicul ...

Michael Hight: Pest control system. Atlantic Paste & Glue Co, Bernard Malina, Malina & Wolson, July 31, 2001: US06266917 (34 worldwide citation)

A pest control article is provided which includes a pest control device such as a poisoned bait or trap and a decorative housing. The housing includes a decorative unit and a pedestal supporting the decorative unit. A compartment within the pedestal is provisioned with the poisoned bait or trap allo ...

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A crossbow includes having no let-off cams permits storage of more energy than a conventional compound crossbow.

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A device is provided for controlling flow and pressure of a gas for insufflating the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery. Compressed gas from a tank passes through the device and is stepped down through multiple stages to a pressure under 25 psi. The resultant average pressure is then reduced to a d ...

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An improved compound bow having a rigid lightweight, high strength central portion which connects the opposed inner ends of the bow limbs and includes spaced apart, centrally offset tubular risers. The riser offsetting provides a sight window which extends over the entire space intermediate the limb ...

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A method and device is described for removing concretions such as calculus stones within human ducts such as the ureter or kidney. The device includes a flexible probe insertable through the human duct so that a tip thereof is juxtaposed against the concretion. The probe includes a positive electrod ...