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Separate memory management units are described for use with a central processing unit to separately control expanding stack and data memory portions within a single logical memory segment. The stack and data portions are prevented from expanding into each other by a break register which contains an ...

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An electrode used in a plasma-arc torch has ridges formed on the side surface thereof for initiating a pilot arc. The required voltage for initiating a pilot arc is substantially reduced by employing this type of electrode. The ridges have much smaller radii of curvature which substantially enhance ...

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Protection of the thin gate oxide of MOS field effect transistors from irreversible puncture due to undesired high voltages and currents, generated by electrostatic discharge through handling or otherwise, is provided by a two stage circuit that operates to shunt thousands or tens of volts around th ...

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Microcapsules having density controlled to be close to that of an aqueous solution are provided which may be dispersed in liquid bleaching solutions and which are useful as coloring or whitening agents.

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A video computing system is disclosed having an automatically refreshed memory. The computing system includes a dynamic memory connected to a cathode ray tube. A cathode ray tube controller is also connected to the memory and is capable of sequentially generating addresses, corresponding to location ...

Michael C Stevens: Tonneau cover attaching system. Majestic Gallagher Parsons & Siebert, December 20, 1988: US04792179 (25 worldwide citation)

This invention attaches a flexible truck bed cover to the truck, by means of a plastic strip sewn into the cover, fitting inside a gap at the top of the bed, created by a supporting frame or a bed liner. The stretch in the flexible cover allows the plastic strip into the gap on all four sides of the ...

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A circuit and technique provided as part of an integrated circuit for assuring that the circuit's many bistable elements are properly initialized into their desired state when the power is turned on to the circuit. An initialization signal is developed for forcing the bistable element to their pre-d ...

Deidra B Jeffries: Bedding for children. Majestic Gallagher Parsons & Siebert, August 25, 1987: US04688282 (24 worldwide citation)

A child's bedding is provided which has a flat, generally rectangular blanket portion. A pair of spaced-apart straps are attached to the top edge of the blanket. The straps are adjustable both vertically as well as laterally. A plurality of fasteners permit alternate rows of fasteners to be engaged ...

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To detect a physical parameter such as pressure, temperature, acceleration or force, the physical parameter is allowed to influence the movement of a light transmitting piezoelectric member. Light is supplied to the member and the member is vibrated in a direction transverse to the light transmitted ...

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An optical fiber temperature sensing probe is implanted into a human body or other object that is being heated, either by ultrasonic radiation alone or by a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic (radio frequency or microwave) energy. In order to measure temperature in an ultrasound field wit ...