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An audibly distinctive test signal, a pink noise signal at a standard level and periodic but brief interruptions (optimized for the ear's memory for level and spectral differences), is applied to a recording medium or transmission channel. The test signal recovered from the recording medium or trans ...

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To measure the heat transfer coefficient of a sample, an element with temperature sensitive optical properties is placed in contact or implanted in the sample. The element is heated or cooled. The temperature difference between the element and the unheated sample and the rate of heating or cooling i ...

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A semiconductor wafer is transported by a mechanical system into or out of a quartz housing filled with a protection gas. The wafer is placed between and spaced apart from two graphite plates. A RF induction coil surrounding the quartz housing is used to heat the graphite plates. Radiation from the ...

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In a first aspect of the invention, compressor and expander circuits are arranged in series, the dynamic actions of the circuits being substantially separated with respect to level. The changing gain portions of the characteristics are staggered among the series circuits such that the resulting over ...

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A process for embossing diffraction patterns and holograms directly onto surfaces of metal material, such as aluminum, and products made thereby. Temperature ranges for optimizing the embossing are disclosed, being related to the yield strength of the material being embossed. End products include ho ...

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A digital video analyzer apparatus which provides in a single enclosure, waveform displays, composite video line displays, differential gain/differential phase displays, and vector displays, for a number of different video input signals, the apparatus being capable of displaying the above signals fo ...

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A 32-bit central processing unit (CPU) having a six-stage pipeline architecture with an instruction and data cache memory and a memory management units, all provided on a single, integrated circuit (I.C.) chip. The CPU also contains means for controlling the operation of a separate I.C. chip co-proc ...

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Techniques for making individual narrow lenticular holograms for a composite drum shaped hologram wherein the vertical and horizontal aspects of an object beam and of an image therein are optically processed independently of each other. A very narrow lenticular hologram is made preferably having a w ...

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A refuse receptacle with refuse bags being supplied from the bottom thereof from a replaceable package of said bags. The container has a general usefulness but is particularly adapted for use in counting and disposing of sponges and other articles during a surgical procedure.

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A special reset function is provided in the CPU, using the same control input to the CPU as the normal reset, to reset only the program counter to facilitate the use of a single CPU in a microprocessor development system.