Xu Lianke: Cold drink and wine drink mixed food. Xu Lianke, ma qiang, February 26, 2003: CN01128501 (8 worldwide citation)

A wine and food is prepared with wine with alcohol content of 0.01-30 % in 1-100 portions, edible gelatin 0.01-20 portions and cold drink material in 0.01-100 portions, and through mixing at normal temperature and low temperature treatment at 0-60 deg.C. The present invention is a kind of cold drink ...

Xu Lianke: Cough-relieving wine. Xu Lianke, ma qiang, February 26, 2003: CN01114599 (2 worldwide citation)

A cough-relieving wine is prepared with fruit of Grosvenor momordica in 1-30 portions, boat-fruited sterculia in 1-30 portions and Chinese olive in 1-5 portions, and through crushing, soaking in strong distillate liquor for four times, merging the leached liquid and filtering. To the wine, bezoar in ...

Li Tao: Writing brush for taiji calligraphy. Li Tao, ma qiang, December 25, 2002: CN01114476 (2 worldwide citation)

A Taiji writing brush for calligraphy is composed of the hollow top made of ox bone, the holder composed of two solid copper rods as its two ends and a middle copper tube containing permanent-magnet rod and having 4 non-skid rings on it, and the brush unit at lower end. Its advantages are ability to ...


Wang Kemin, Xiao Dan, Yang Xiaohai: Integrated full-wavelength spectrometer with ccd raster. Hunan Univ, ma qiang, August 28, 2002: CN01114410 (2 worldwide citation)

The main structure of the invention contains a plane grating that diffracts light beam emitted by light source into parallel monochromatic light with different wavelengths. The design characteristics are as follows: A charge coupled device (CCD) pholoelectric coupler with plane linear array structur ...

Wang Tiansheng: Technique for drying firework and gunpowder by cold process. Wang Tiansheng, ma qiang, June 16, 2004: CN02139794 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a process for drying fireworks and powder using a cold method, which comprises the steps of, loading the humid air into refrigerating and dehumidifying plant for low temperature dehumidifying, loading the dehumidified saturated cold air into vacuum heating installation for hea ...



Xie Dingzhong: Isothermal low-temperature CO shift reactor. Hunan Anchun High Tech, Ma Qiang, June 9, 2010: CN200910227101 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an isothermal low-temperature CO shift reactor which is reaction equipment used for carrying out a reaction that CO and water vapor are converted into CO2 and H2 under certain low temperature. The isothermal low-temperature CO shift reactor comprises a radial basket in a cyl ...