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A novel probe, useful for near-field optical scanning microscopy, is provided. The probe has a fine tip which includes fluorescent material. In one embodiment, the invention is an apparatus which includes such a probe, means for exciting and detecting fluorescence in the probe tip, means for positio ...

Robert E Betzig, Jay K Trautman: Near field scanning optical microscope having a tapered waveguide. AT&T Bell Laboratories, M I Finston, E E Pacher, December 21, 1993: US05272330 (84 worldwide citation)

An optical system useful, e.g., for near-field scanning optical microscopy is provided. The system incorporates a probe having improved properties. In one embodiment, the probe comprises a tapered and partially metallized portion of a single-mode optical fiber.

David J DiGiovanni, Victor Mizrahi, John L Zyskind: Article comprising an optical fiber laser. AT&T Bell Laboratories, M I Finston, August 17, 1993: US05237576 (83 worldwide citation)

An article, such as an optical communication system, which includes a laser formed in an optical waveguide or optical fiber having a rare-earth-doped core or core portion. In one embodiment, the optical resonant cavity of the laser is at least partially defined by a distributed Bragg reflector forme ...

Robert E Betzig: Scanning microscope comprising force-sensing means and position-sensitive photodetector. At&T Bell Laboratories, E E Pacher, M I Finston, October 19, 1993: US05254854 (75 worldwide citation)

A scanning, imaging system is described. A probe having a fine tip is disposed adjacent the surface of a sample and scanned in a pattern lying in a plane substantially parallel to the surface. Means are provided for oscillating the probe tip, substantially within the scanning plane. Shear forces, ac ...

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A method of forming silicon dioxide layers by bias ECR is described. The layers are formed by reacting oxygen with TEOS or TMCTS. High-quality, void-free layerc can be formed over conductor patterns having high-aspect-ratio intermetallic spacings.

Dana Z Anderson, Turan Erdogan, Victor Mizrahi: Method for forming a Bragg grating in an optical medium. AT&T Laboratories, M I Finston, July 5, 1994: US05327515 (54 worldwide citation)

The invention involves a method for making Bragg gratings in glass optical fibers, or other glass optical waveguides, which is relatively insensitive to perturbations in the actinic light used for processing. This method is suitable for mass production and lends itself well to the manufacturing envi ...

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A method and apparatus are described for verifying handwritten, human signatures, and for permitting access to a system if such a signature is accepted. In an initializing stage, an authorized entrant submits a sample of multiple signatures. A first reference signature is selected from the sample, a ...

Allan J Bruce, Joseph Shmulovich, Amy Wong, Yiu Huen Wong: Method of making a planar optical amplifier. AT&T Bell Laboratories, M I Finston, E E Pacher, April 6, 1993: US05200029 (47 worldwide citation)

An active optical device comprises a glass, waveguiding structure disposed on a substantially planar principal surface of a substrate. The structure includes a silica-based, erbium-doped active core. The active core has an erbium-to-silicon atomic ratio of at least about 0.01, an absolute erbium con ...

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Disclosed are network management procedures that apply measurements of traffic load to achieve greater efficiency in the operation of the network. In a method for deciding whether to route an incoming call on a selected potential service route, the potential service route is treated preferentially i ...

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The method includes collapsing a silica-based glass tube to make a preform and drawing fiber from the preform. Prior to collapsing the tube, one or more glass layers are formed on the inner surface of the tube by dip-coating the surface with a sol comprising a metal alkoxide dissolved in an alcoholi ...