James P McGuckin, Dean L Bradfield, Raymond A Foltz, H James Heidt: Combined drainage and waterproofing panel system for subterranean walls. M David Shapiro, July 24, 1990: US04943185 (86 worldwide citation)

A combination drainage and waterproofing system for subterranean walls includes panels which have drain passages on the side thereof adjacent the soil. The front surface of each panel screens against soil entering the passages and the opposite surface of each panel is waterproof and is disposed in w ...

Aden B Meinel, Walter B Meinel: Solar energy collector and concentrator. Motorola, Robert D Lott, M David Shapiro, December 26, 1978: US04131485 (80 worldwide citation)

Modular structures for the collection, concentration and conversion of solar energy to another usable form such as electrical energy. The structures feature three conic section reflective surfaces, two of which focus in front of a receiver element and off the axis of the structure. The third reflect ...

Robert B Malcolm, Clarence E McDaniel: Standardized digital logic chip. Motorola, M David Shapiro, Eugene A Parsons, July 17, 1979: US04161662 (57 worldwide citation)

A standardized large scale integrated (LSI) array of standard logic cells on a single complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chip. The pattern chosen for the layout of the standard logic cells provides very high cell density and, in combination with the "roadways" provided for power and data ...

Charles A Boone, Robert F Pfeifer: Data security module. Motorola, M David Shapiro, Eugene A Parsons, October 5, 1982: US04352952 (47 worldwide citation)

A data security module for encrypting and decrypting computer data contains, in addition to the encryption logic, interface logic to allow direct memory access to a computer. The security module sits as a computer peripheral device and after being instructed as to the location and quantity of data b ...

Alan F Nelson: Reduced drag club head for a wood type golf club. M David Shapiro, July 25, 1989: US04850593 (41 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises an improvement in a golf club head of the wood type wherein a sole trough is located so that its root is essentially parallel to the face of the club head and wherein the surface of the trough is flat to convex in planes essentially parallel to the face in a plane through the ...

Gerald J Hogg, Robert A Newman, Robert F Pfeifer: Key management for encryption/decryption systems. Motorola, M David Shapiro, Eugene A Parsons, July 28, 1981: US04281216 (38 worldwide citation)

In a data encryption/decryption system providing for security of data communications channels, a sub-system for generating, transporting encryption/decryption keys and for introducing those keys into the system while at the same time providing a high level of security for the keys and, hence, the en ...

Herbert W Iwer: Quarter wave microstrip directional coupler having improved directivity. Motorola, M David Shapiro, Eugene A Parsons, August 5, 1980: US04216446 (37 worldwide citation)

An improvement in directivity and isolation of a quarter wave microstrip directional coupler is achieved with the addition of a single capacitor placed across the directive port of the coupler.

Jackson D Minkler II: Method and apparatus for generating text. Computer Poet Corporation, M David Shapiro, December 8, 1987: US04712174 (35 worldwide citation)

A computer based system for generating text from a predetermined data base, in either prose or poetic form, in response to a plurality of input data provided by an operator in an interactive mode of operation with the computer. The preferred embodiment disclosed produces limerick style poetry in res ...

William B Bishop, Francis G Davies: Backfill machine. M David Shapiro, April 3, 1990: US04912862 (33 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises a mobile backfilling machine wherein raw materials located adjacent an excavated trench are picked up, graded and delivered to the open trench in an order of size grading from finest to coarsest, thereby providing a fine material padding for a product which has been placed in ...

Arthur Jonathan Kline Jr: Correlation system for pseudo-random noise signals. Motorola, M David Shapiro, August 30, 1977: US04045796 (30 worldwide citation)

An improved correlation system for coded signals wherein a signal is known in pattern but is unknown in timing and is bi-phase modulated on a suppressed carrier signal and correlation is accomplished with a time reference signal without the necessity for search and coherent recovery of the suppresse ...

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