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An automated drive-up vending facility (10) and method utilizes a plurality of automatic transaction machines (12) located around the periphery of a storage building (14), whereby customers can drive their vehicles along side the building, insert an account/debit card into a card reader (16), and ma ...

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A method and system for detecting a vehicle roll-over utilizes a z-axis accelerometer (12) and a processor (20) for analyzing the accelerometer output (18) to provide early detection/prediction of a vehicle roll-over. The output signal (18) is substantially a positive constant value equal to the for ...

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A method and system for discriminating motor vehicle crashes to actuate a safety restraint (10) utilizes an optical vehicle occupant position detector (12) to generate data (22) representative of the position of an occupant relative to fixed structure within the vehicle. The data (22) is subsequentl ...

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A system (10) and method for actuating a vehicle air bag (38) uses an optical detector (12) to generate an output (22) representative of the distance between a vehicle occupant and a fixed structure within the vehicle. The output (22) is subsequently used by a signal processor/discrimination unit (2 ...

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A composite wing for an aircraft comprises a plurality of elongated hollow one-piece composite spars arranged in juxtaposed generally parallel relation in an array defining an airfoil with a composite skin disposed about said assembled spars.

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The disclosure relates to a reinforced plastic rivet comprising a plurality of substantially continuous carbon fibres encapsulated in a partially polymerized thermoset resin matrix and enveloped in a high tensile strength low modulus tubular sheath. A portion of the rivet is deformable to form a hea ...

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An acceleration sensor comprises a housing having a magnetically permeable element, such as a steel washer, secured thereto proximate with an end of a cylindrical passage formed therein; a magnetic sensing mass in the passage which is displaced in response to acceleration of the housing from an init ...

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An imaging system (10) for a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) comprises a projection screen (22) integrally formed with a headgear structure of the HMD. An image source is projected onto the projection screen (22) as an intermediate image. An optical sub-system (24), such as a lens, re-images the intermed ...

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A gas turbine engine intended for airborne applications in which several of the main bearings of the engine are contained in a bearing cavity and oil is scavenged from this cavity by allowing air from the high pressure region of the engine to leak into the cavity and then flow downwardly, together w ...

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A firing circuit for deploying a pair of air bags comprises two circuit legs connected in parallel across a voltage supply. Each circuit leg comprises in series a safing sensor, a squib, and a crash sensor, with each sensor being shunted by a like resistor having a nominal resistance substantially g ...