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Apparatus for providing backlighting of a display comprising the use of louvered material between a light source and the sides of a prism wherein the prism is utilized to transmit and direct light rays to the display surface. The use of the prism in some embodiments eliminates direct viewing of the ...

Rhodes Melvin H: Trigonometric analog-to-digital conversion apparatus. Rockwell International Corporation, Lutz Bruce C, July 22, 1975: US3896299 (19 worldwide citation)

Trigonometric conversion apparatus is shown wherein a trial angle is generated and converted to digital sine and cosine of that angle. These digital angle signals are then multiplied times analog cosine and sine, respectively, and their products are compared wherein the difference is used to adjust ...

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Hysteresis type detection apparatus for detecting the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of a transmitting system. When the detection apparatus determines that the VSWR exceeds a predetermined value, it actuates a servo-system which adjusts impedances in a coupling unit between the transmitter and t ...

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A circuit for generating a clock based on time of receipt of a RZ (return to zero) data bit stream using a known clocking frequency. An internal actuated counter is used to generate a lower frequency data clock and is reset to an initial condition whenever the incoming data phase deviates mote than ...

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The method of and apparatus for converting from an analog vector output signal to a digital output indicative of not only the angle represented by the analog input vectors with respect to a reference but also the digital outputs indicative of sine angle and cosine of the angle. A CORDIC (Coordinate ...

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A technique of minimizing local oscillator signals external to a mixer circuit through the reflecting of the local oscillator frequency signals in a balanced rat-race hybrid mixer circuit to minimize the amplitude of the local oscillator signals appearing at the output. This is accomplished by juxta ...

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A single active element circuit for combining an input signal with a feedback signal to produce an output which is indicative in frequency of the sum and/or the difference of the frequency of the signals being mixed. The resulting circuit can be used in one embodiment for a divide by two or multiply ...

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A device for assisting insertion of a container into a space and for holding same in said space after insertion with the forces being applied in a first direction having a force component in a hold-down direction while providing extraction forces to said container in a direction substantially perpen ...

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Apparatus for using a single frequency source for supplying the control frequencies for the carrier, the stereo pilot carrier and the suppressed carrier signals. This is accomplished by using a variable divider in a phase lock loop in a manner such that the entire circuit is digital in operation.

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A switching circuit for use in a transceiver whereby a unidirectional mixer may be used for both transmitting and receiving. The circuit allows the combination of the high gain obtainable from unidirectional active mixers with the versatility of bidirectional operation.