Robert W Dew, Steven P Dew: Cargo restraining apparatus. Ludeka Neely & Graham P C, November 28, 2000: US06152664 (19 worldwide citation)

A cargo restraining apparatus includes a cargo net, a plurality of buckles, and a plurality of anchor straps. The cargo net is formed of a plurality of intersecting woven webs and is preferably rectangular with two nonintersecting, free ends of webs at each corner. Each of the buckles include a C-ba ...

James C Egnew, Elvin Byrd Jr: Portable blind. Shelter Pro, Ludeka Neely & Graham P C, November 14, 2000: US06145528 (15 worldwide citation)

A blind having a support system and a sheet material secured to at least a portion of the support system. The support system includes a number (n) of horizontal support members and a number (n+1) of vertical support members, wherein n corresponds to an integer of 2 or greater, and a plurality of fle ...

Jie Wu: Parallel plate electrodes for particle concentration or removal. University of Tennessee Research Foundation, Ludeka Neely & Graham P C, October 4, 2011: US08029657 (3 worldwide citation)

An AC electro-hydro-dynamic system for aggregating particles immersed in a fluid. The AC electro-hydro-dynamic system utilizes at least one set of parallel plate electrodes each having at least one conductive surface. The conductive surfaces may incorporate island conductive pads or strip conductive ...

Marvin Leroy Swingle: Apparatus for architectural unit construction. Ludeka Neely & Graham P C, July 16, 2002: US06418696 (3 worldwide citation)

Architectural units having radiused wall corners are constructed with solid surfacing material (SSM) such as Corian. Cove moldings are formed from SSM sheet strips comprising an elongated cove form flanked by elongated rabbet channels. In a table jig, an SSM wall sheet edge is adhesively secured int ...

Jonathon Harold Laurer, Paul Timothy Spivey, Melissa Marie Waldeck, John Thomas Warren: Ink jet printer with extended nozzle plate and method. Lexmark International, Ludeka Neely & Graham P C, April 11, 2006: US07025439 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a micro-fluid ejection head for a micro-fluid ejection device and a method for making a micro-fluid ejection head. The micro-fluid ejection head includes a semiconductor substrate containing fluid ejection devices electrically connected to contact pads on a surface thereof. A ...


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