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The clip applier of the current invention solves the problems of prior art tools by incorporating a pre-clamp mechanism, the function of which is to pre-clamp the vessel to be ligated to a dimension such that the center leg of the spring of the ligation clip need be lifted only slightly. In this man ...

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A process is provided for surface treatment of surgical operating instruments so as to provide an extremely effective gripping surface of the instrument which very effectively grips a patient's tissue. Particularly the process is applicable to surgical ligation clips and clip appliers, which ar ...

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The invention provides integrated turbogenerators having a turbine wheel, a compressor impeller, and a motor generator mounted to or mechanically constrained to a common shaft, and improved components and configurations thereof.

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A downhole tool includes inner and outer telescoping cylindrical members. The inner cylindrical member has a cylindrical indexing sleeve disposed thereabout. A groove having a semi-circular cross section is disposed in a cylindrical outer surface of the indexing sleeve. Connected to the outer cylind ...