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At least three spring-mounted members disposed around the periphery of an aperture in a wafer-mounting plate are arranged to engage and securely hold edge portions of a semiconductor wafer to be processed. When the spring-mounted members are actuated toward the front side of the plate, a wafer can b ...

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Zone plate patterns (12,20,61,62) formed on spaced-apart mask and wafer members (10,60) are utilized for alignment purposes in the fabrication of integrated circuits. By providing off-axis illumination of the patterns, a significant mask-to-wafer alignment capability is provided in an X-ray lithogra ...

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Certain classes of patterns, for example so-called zone plates, are utilized as alignment marks in the fabrication of integrated circuits. Such a plate, which functions as a lens, provides a high-brightness image that is relatively insensitive to any degradation of the pattern.

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A semiconductor read-only-memory (ROM) unit fabricated in large-scale-integrated form utilizing the formation of self-isolating bit-line surface regions of one conductivity type directly in a bulk region of the opposite conductivity type. Channel-stop regions of the same conductivity type as the bul ...

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A moisture sensing unit (30, FIG. 1 or 58, FIG. 4) is included within a hermetically sealed package. A localized external portion of the package in close proximity to the unit is cooled while the temperature and the alternating-current capacitance and/or conductance characteristic of the unit are me ...

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An apparatus for high-throughput sputter etching or reactive sputter etching of wafers comprises a multi-faceted wafer holder centrally disposed within a cylindrical chamber. A source of r-f power is capacitively coupled to the holder and the cylindrical chamber is grounded. By establishing a suitab ...

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A package for a semiconductor chip includes as an integral part thereof a frame-shaped multilayer ceramic capacitor. The chip is mounted within the capacitor structure. Conductive portions of the capacitor serve as the terminals and plates of the capacitor and as planar power and ground members for ...

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Schottky-barrier MOS and CMOS devices are significantly improved by selectively doping the regions surrounding the Schottky-barrier source and drain contacts. For p-channel devices, acceptor doping is carried out in either a one-step or a two-step ion implantation procedure. For n-channel devices, d ...

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A predetermined small spacing or gap between a semiconductor wafer and a mask is defined by projecting a cushion of air through a central mask aperture toward the wafer. The wafer is supported on a sponge rubber member which is designed, along with the air flow paths, to maintain a uniform small sep ...