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Methods of remote control of a mobile robot and an intuitive user interface for remotely controlling a mobile robot are provided. Using a point-and-click device (

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The present invention discloses a system and method for confining a robot to a particular space. The system includes a portable barrier signal transmitter that produces a barrier signal primarily along an axis, and a mobile robot capable of avoiding the barrier signal upon detection of the barrier s ...

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An information management system includes an indexing subsystem and a document management subsystem. The system layers an object-oriented architecture over a relational database to manage folders and files from a variety of file systems. Managed files are incrementally indexed by the indexing subsys ...

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Methods and systems for capacitive proximity and contact sensing employ one or more simple sensors (which may be a conductive fiber or pattern of conductive ink) in communication with a microcontroller. Digital signal processing executed by the microcontroller enables resolution enhancement, automat ...

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An information accessing system and method enables users to easily navigate through and switch between multiple paths of linked pages of information stored in an information base of text, graphic, video, audio, and animation data. Linked pages of information are displayed in multiple panels on a win ...


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Systems and elements are disclosed for creating a continuous, collimated detection zone for an automatically-actuated device or container, such as an automatic waste container, wherein the detection zone can be made to match the opening periphery of the container, is height adjustable, immune from a ...

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An adjustable, removable, interlocking iliac crest belt for a body brace is disclosed. The belt can be secured to the inside of a posterior portion of the body brace, and is secured about the patient's waist and upper hip region, engaging the iliac crests of the patient and providing additional ...

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A system is disclosed for generating a video signal defining an image for display by a video display device, the video display device displaying at least one image on a video display screen providing a plurality of pixels generally arranged in a plurality of rows. The system comprises a frame buffer ...