Cui Dahuan: Air blower for air conditioner. Lejin Electronic, lu zhiyang, February 11, 2004: CN02129162 (1 worldwide citation)

The air blower for air conditioner includes a box comprising main body, air admission port and exhaust port, and a fan inside the casing, connected to its driving motor and including several blades and one blade wheel flange. The blade consists of front pressure surface and back surface with differe ...


Xu Xianggao, Zheng Yiye: Two evaporator frost removing water discharging device of refrigerator. Yuejin Electronic, lu zhiyang, July 2, 2003: CN01144404 (1 worldwide citation)

A dual-evaporator defrosting-draining unit for refrigerator is composed of the evaporator A for freezing chamber and the evaporator B for cold storage. The flexible draining tube of evaporator A is communicated to defrosted water tray and the moistener is cold storage. The flexible draining tube of ...


Jin Shangmo: Sealing container of closed rotary compressor. Lejin Electronic, lu zhiyang, July 7, 2004: CN02158136 (1 worldwide citation)

A sealed container of sealed rotary compressor, which has a cylindrical main body containing motor unit and compression unit, a top cover for sealing the top end and a bottom cover for sealing the bottom end, features that the central part of bottom cover is a downward convex ellipse whose curvature ...

Liu Zhongkuan: Heater circuit for microwave oven. Yuejin Electronic, lu zhiyang, April 23, 2003: CN01136375 (1 worldwide citation)

The heater circuit for microwave oven is formed from first heater, second heater, step-down transformer which is used for changing voltage of first heater and is series-connected with it, first relay for switching on or switching off the power supply of loop formed from first heater and the above-me ...

Fan Weilin: Dynamic inhalational contamination experimental instrument with solid-phase dust. Fan Weilin, lu zhiyang, August 16, 2006: CN200610013171

A dynamic solid dust inhalation poisoning experiment apparatus for correctly detecting the toxin of poisoning specimen is composed of microcomputerized master controller, animal poisoning cabin with isolating gate, pressure and flow adjustable jet unit, speed-adjustable rotary dust flying unit, moto ...

Ding Yingquan: Method of manufacturing injection-forming safety shoes with air vent system. Tianjin Leopard Shoes, lu zhiyang, September 6, 2006: CN200610013456

The invention provides a method for producing injection safe shoe with air circulating system, which comprises following steps: first, fixing the cover and core rod of air compression element on the bottom of shoe tree at the working position of rotational shoe machine; then sheathing the upper on s ...

Han Songnian: Technical method for one-time shaping ppe-honeycomb plate. Tianjin Fusong Plastic Product Industrial And Trading, lu zhiyang, October 25, 2006: CN200610013581

The invention supplies a technology method for formed in one piece poly abicin ethylene perforated plate that includes the following steps: mixing 73-79% poly abicin ethylene, 6-10% high-pressure polyethylene, 7-10% gypsum powder, 0.01% dispersing agent, and 0.01-0.1% anti-aging agent; milling and g ...

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