Charles Sperry
Charles Richard Sperry, German Gavronsky, Talat I Pinarer: Apparatus and method for forming foam cushions for packaging purposes. Sealed Air, LU NING, July 19, 1989: CN88107888

A method and apparatus is disclosed for successively forming foam filled bags or cushions of the type wherein a foamable composition is deposited in a plastic bag. The method and apparatus includes advancing a pair of plastic webs through the nip of a pair of drive rollers, while heat sealing the op ...

Yum Nak Ln: Collapsible vertical wind mill. Okinawa Anzen Kaihatsu Center, LU NING BAO GUANQIAN, October 22, 1986: CN85104666 (1 worldwide citation)

A collapsible vertical windmill is described which has four main vanes arranged in the shape of a rhombus, specifically having a pair of opposite corners arranged on a shaft, and having auxiliary vanes each provided on each of the main vanes. The upper pair of corners on the shaft is equipped with a ...

Paul Hohne: Process for heat treatment of metallic pieces by continous furnace and apparatus thereof. Ipsen Industries International Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Hafting, BAO GUANQIAN LU NING, July 9, 1986: CN85107934 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention is a process for heat-treating metallic workpieces, using a straight-flow or continuous pusher-type furnace with at least two treatment chambers having doors. Workpieces enter the treatment chambers periodically. In at least one of the treatment chambers, the workpiece charges are irre ...


James B Howell, Patti L Parrott: Peristaltic pump header. Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Co, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Us, LU NING, July 13, 1988: CN87107936 (1 worldwide citation)

A pump header for use in a peristaltic pump. The pump header includes a flexible outer tube, a collapsible-expandable inner tube, a pressure control valve member and a one-way-flow valve member. The inner tube is disposed within a passageway of the outer tube. The pressure control valve member and t ...

Herr Ludwig Kraus: High pressure clamping device. Firma Saurer Allma, LU NING BAO GUANQIAN, April 10, 1986: CN85107494 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a high pressure clamping device having a screw vice body, a fixed jaw arranged on one of the ends of the screw vice body, and a slide, which is retained in a guide on the screw vice body and carries a jaw movable. A reaction block is provided on the other end of the screw vi ...

Masahiro Abe, Masayuki Yamazaki, Michio Uchiyama, Shiro Fukunaka, Shuzo Sakita: Steel strip continuous treatment production line with open fire furnace. Nippon Koken, BAO GUANQIAN LU NING, February 25, 1987: CN86104502 (1 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a continuously treating line for a steel band, having a heating furnace by directly flaming. For heating the steel band with causing reduction, the heating furnace of directly flaming system is provided with a plurality of heating burners of reduction system which may form ...

Poji Alexandero: Tooth corrector. Lenon S P A, lu ning, November 11, 1998: CN98105801

Orthodontic aid or bracket provided with a retention base (B) for a corresponding tooth and with identifying indicia in relation to the tooth for which it is suitable, characterized by said indicia consisting of a sign foreseen on the back side of the aforesaid retention base (B).