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An intervertibral disc made up of an annulus fibrosus having at least one defect therein, a cross linked visco-elastic solid polymer in said defect and adhering to remaining annulus fibrosus and thereby closing said defect and a nucleus pulposus.

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A modular ladder assembly includes at least two ladder assemblies, each assembly having first and second parallel stiles and a plurality of spaced apart rungs disposed between the first and second stiles, the plurality of rungs being perpendicular to said first and second stiles. The first stiles of ...

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A fan and shroud assembly includes a fan has a hub rotating around one shaft and a plurality of blades extending outwardly from the hub, a shroud encompassing the fan to adjust airflow by rotation of the fan, a guide ring portion located at a position where a predetermined gap exists between the shr ...

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A nitride semiconductor LED improved in lighting efficiency and a fabrication method thereof, in which an n-doped semiconductor layer is formed on a substrate. An active layer is formed on the n-doped semiconductor layer to expose at least a partial area of the n-doped semiconductor layer. A p-doped ...

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The present invention relates to a multi-lens LED. The LED has multiple lenses and an intermediate layer interposed between the multiple lenses in order to radiate light emitted from an LED chip in a desired direction and/or beam angle without using a complicated lens configuration. The first lens i ...

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A method of producing a thin film heating element is provided which can be used in manufacturing a transparent thin film heating element of desired shape with an increased heat emission property and an excellent durability. Also provided is a heating device of the type incorporating the thin film he ...

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A method for diagnosing a vehicle state by connecting a vehicle equipped with an electronic control unit with a personal computer (PC) via a local area network (LAN) communication method, and then connecting the PC to a mechanic center on the Internet, is provided. The vehicle state diagnosing metho ...

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A stapler 10 is comprised of a stapler main body 11 made of metal and a cover 12 made of resin, which is mounted thereon so as to cover the outer side thereof. The cover 12 is comprised of an upper cover 55, which is positioned at the handle 19 side of the stapler main body 11, and a base cover 56, ...

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An integrated buried heterojunction laser optically coupled to a ridge waveguide electro-absorption (EA) optical modulator having a raised ridge structure is manufactured on a single semiconductor substrate on which a plurality of semiconductor layers are grown, including at least one active layer t ...

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A cooling system for an electronic device includes an air flow conduit for causing air outside a housing of the device to flow through a heat dissipation device. The conduit is configured to prevent substantial transfer of heat from air contained within the conduit and air in the remainder of the ho ...