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A betting apparatus incorporated into a game of chance enabling a player to make a side bet. A chip receptacle is provided at each player's location of a blackjack table for accepting the side bet. A player's key operated display selects a predetermined number of consecutive wins. A microprocessor c ...

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An electronic gaming system includes a processor and game progress monitor to allow a player to wager varying amounts on whether that player will have multiple consecutive wins of the game of chance. The system can be incorporated in a gaming table with multiple player video screens and bet selector ...

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A vehicle lamp is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles. The lamp has an inner chamber constructed by a lamp housing and a lens, respectively having long shapes. In the chamber, there is a long light source fixing face member on which plural light sources are fixed. All light sources or electric b ...

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An electronic slot machine employing solid state circuitry of modular design, simplifying maintenance to the tasks of module replacement, changing lamps and possibly clearing a coin jam. A coin detector creates a jam condition upon any malfunction during coin insertion. A high frequency clock drives ...

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Method and apparatus for automatically shuffling, cutting and delivering shuffled playing cards to a shoe without interfering with dispensing of playing cards from the shoe. The transparent covers, together with the design of the mechanism, permits observation by the players of the playing cards at ...

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A system and method for analyzing matter by computer analysis of electrical signals generated by sensing radiation reflected from matter (i.e. tissue, cells, liquid, gaseous or solid particles in a liquid or gas) and/or generated due to fluorescence. In one embodiment, a short pulse of laser radiati ...

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In an apparatus for accurately counting a stack of documents and especially legal tender (i.e., paper money), tests for authenticity are performed simultaneously with the counting operation and without in any way impeding the type of counting operation being performed. At the same time that the coun ...

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In an automatic card shuffler, cards already played are placed in first and second trays. Sensors arranged in the trays detect the presence of cards to automatically initiate a shuffling operation. The cards in the trays pass through the card mixer, where they are interweaved in a random fashion and ...

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An assembly for introducing intra-aortic balloons and the like into a body artery and comprising a thin, splittable sheath positioned within the artery. An intra-aortic balloon and balloon catheter are inserted into the femoral artery through the introducer sheath. An adapter is slidably mounted upo ...

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A gaming method and system which allows a player to wager varying amounts on whether that player will have multiple consecutive wins of a game of chance and which provides a simplified arrangement for monitoring the progress of such bets made by one or more players.