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A locating system for determining the location and orientation of an invasive medical instrument, for example a catheter (

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A surgical cutting and stapling instrument has an improved blade. The surgical instrument has a handle with a moveable firing trigger, a shaft extending from the handle, and a stapling head at the end of the shaft. An array of staples are located within the stapling head. An anvil is coupled to the ...

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An improved surgical instrument cartridge and method for manufacturing thereof includes providing a cartridge comprising a housing including a surface member and a pair of sidewalls spaced a distance apart from each and connected to the surface member. At least one of the sidewalls has a plurality o ...

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A method of resecting a portion of lung using an electrosurgical instrument is disclosed. The electrosurgical device clamps upon lung tissue and applies RF energy to create a cauterized zone within the clamped portion of the lung. At least one staple is placed within the cauterized tissue zone. The ...

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An ultrasonic surgical device for the application of ultrasonic energy is disclosed. The surgical device has a housing and an acoustic assembly having a solid core waveguide. The waveguide extends from the housing and has a novel end effector at the distal end for the conduction of ultrasonic energy ...

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A surgical tissue fastening device for fastening and transecting tissue includes a handle having a cartridge assembly connected the handle. The cartridge assembly includes a cartridge containing a plurality of surgical fasteners. An anvil assembly is connected to the handle and includes an anvil sur ...

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A novel apparatus and method for rapidly generating an electrical map of a chamber of a heart utilizes a catheter including a body having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end has a distal tip and an array of non-contact electrodes having a proximal end and a distal end and at least one lo ...


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Implantable apparatus for measuring a fluid flow in the body of a subject, including a stent, having a generally cylindrical radial outer wall and a central lumen. A flow parameter sensor is fixed to the stent, and measures a parameter relating to a rate of blood flow through the stent. A transmitte ...