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A hydrophone array system comprising a plurality of hydrophones fastened to a cable is deployed beneath the sea in a substantially horizontal straight line. A small powered thruster fastened to one end of the cable urges it in a first direction and this urging is resisted by a member, such as a drog ...

Jacob Schwartz: Sensible heat storage unit. Sanders Associates, Louis Etlinger, Richard I Seligman, September 20, 1983: US04405010 (30 worldwide citation)

A sensibe heat storage unit is provided which has a "step function" thermal gradient, and is constructed so as to have alternated regions of different thermal conductivity along the flow path through the unit such that, in one embodiment, there are spaced elements within the storage unit having tran ...

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A waveguide-to-stripline transition includes a stripline portion (14) that fits over an opening in one end of waveguide (12). The stripline portion has a cavity defined by an upper ground-plane conductor (20), a lower ground-plane conductor (22), and a rectangular arrangement of plated-through holes ...

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A telescoping support such as a mast or boom employs a number of separate telescoping sections which fit one inside the other, with the outermost section being secured to a base. A double acting piston is situated completely inside the innermost section, with the piston rod being secured to the base ...

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A system for locating man-made specularly reflecting objects amongst non-specular surroundings such as foliage includes apparatus to initially project orthogonally polarized laser pulses towards a given area and to then detect returned laser pulses which are polarized, while rejecting randomly polar ...

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A modular buoy system in which a number of similar sonobuoys are housed in a common container. Associated with each sonobuoy is a launching mechanism. A circuit is provided for actuating these launching mechanisms separately so that the sonobuoys may be ejected from the container one at a time.

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An optical radar is disclosed in which fine vernier range and angular displacement accuracy is achieved by projecting a burst of coherent pulses so as to strobe a target passing through the field of view of the projection apparatus. The use of the pulse burst permits the most recent information to b ...

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A shielded passageway for use between electromagnetic interference shielded shelters includes two or more rigid telescoping members in a loose fit with EMI shielding material between the overlapping sections. In one embodiment a truncated toroidally-shaped rolling diaphragm shield of wire mesh is in ...

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A sun tracking servo system is disclosed in which individual mirrors are tilted to redirect incoming sunlight towards a solar energy receiver. Mirror steering is accomplished by providing the mirror with a central aperture and/or lens to form images of both the sun and receiver behind the mirror and ...

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Combined optical and electronic apparatus provide for various types of image enhancement by producing two images of the same scene which differ by a predetermined property, and by electronically subtracting the images to yield a video difference signal which emphasizes or deemphasizes a predetermine ...