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Universal logic circuit cells for use in designing and laying out electronic circuits. The cells provide AND and OR on other logical functions on input signals, and include a conventional AND or OR gate, or other logic gate, and associated input and output connections and circuitry that enables them ...

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A magnetometer which includes a pair of spaced apart optical fibers at least one of which comprises a cantilevered beam having a dipolar magnet thereon such that fluctuations of the magnetic H field will cause fluctuating mechanical torque on the magnet which will be applied to the cantilevered opti ...

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An electronic writing pen which induces electromagnetic signals in conductors which are disposed in a writing table and are connected to digitizer circuitry is disclosed. The pen has a writing cartridge which is movable within the pen housing and includes, in one embodiment, a thin, deformable, stai ...

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Control is provided to conventional gun-fired projectiles by substituting for the standard fuze thereof a device comprising a canard frame and a main housing, which threads into the fuze well of the projectile, with the canard frame being rotatable with respect to the main housing and having deflect ...

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Described herein is a method and apparatus for the nonlinear limiting of coherent radiant energy based upon the discovery of materials exhibiting nonlinear absorption. This discovery provides a method upon which the operation of apparatus for limiting, detecting and modulating coherent radiant energ ...

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An efficient split cycle solar energy conversion system utilizes sensible heat storage to isolate a solar receiver loop from a Brayton cycle engine loop. In this system a sensible heat storage unit is first charged by the solar receiver, is then switched to the inlet to the Brayton cycle turbine whe ...

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Apparatus and methods are disclosed herein for use in conjunction with raster scan video displays, including standard monochrome and color television receivers, for the generation, display and manipulation of images upon the screen of a display for the purpose of playing games or for the purpose of ...

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A fluid Flow Restrictor especially suitable for reducing the pressure of gases or liquids is described. The restrictor comprises a series of rows of baffles placed in the path of fluid flow, with the baffles in succeeding rows staggered with respect to those in adjacent rows so that as the fluid flo ...

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A wide field of view-narrow band detection system including a radiation responsive member and optical filter is provided by employing optimal angle cones to simultaneously control field of view, throughput and angles impinging on the optical filter.

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A magnetic drive is provided for a flextensional transducer in order to adapt the flextensional transducer for operation at increased ocean depths without the necessity of liquid filling and complex decoupling devices. In one embodiment an electro-magnetic actuator is positioned between the walls of ...