Lloyd M Forster: Self-propelled roller drive unit. Lloyd M Forster, December 25, 1990: US04979582 (71 worldwide citation)

A self-propelled roller drive unit with enclosed power source, motor(s) and transmission(s) coupled to external reaction load such as golf bag frame, wheelchair, industrial transport, personal transport or other drive unit.

Ettore De Candia: Car body welding assembly system. Lloyd M Forster, July 24, 1979: US04162387 (62 worldwide citation)

A body assembly system for welding different stamped sheet metal vehicle bodies at successive framing and finish welding stations including means for accurately locating different underbody, side and top components in required accurate geometric relation at a framing station with programmable weldin ...

Otho O Corsaut III, Donald Timmons: Bag holder. Lloyd M Forster, May 12, 1987: US04664348 (54 worldwide citation)

Trash bag holder comprising flexible plastic strip with intermediate straight portion adapted for insertion within trash bag opening for alternative ground or floor engagement or wall hanging with a bag retained in open receiving condition.

Myron Quinton, Sharon Weiselfish: Lumbar support for seat attachment. Orthops Incorporated, Lloyd M Forster, January 12, 1988: US04718724 (51 worldwide citation)

Adjustable lumbar support for attachment to car and other types of seat backs including a vertically adjustable concealed lumbar support cusion.

Clifford S Willner, Christopher Willner: Lubrication monitoring system. Orsco, Lloyd M Forster, August 13, 1991: US05038893 (39 worldwide citation)

Control system for measuring/detecting transient fluid flow in a positive displacement pump lubrication system using time-differential pressure measurements. A pressure-actuated transducer for a captive oil column in the injection circuit imparts a proportional voltage signal to an electronically di ...

Walter Fleischer, Henry Dykstra: Toggle clamp with locking mechanism. Delaware Capital Formation, Lloyd M Forster, November 24, 1992: US05165148 (37 worldwide citation)

Toggle clamps with bifurcated handle actuated to aligned toggle element clamping position with manually releasible latch lock lever pivotally mounted between handle sides resiliently engaging base mounted catch upon handle reaching toggle alignment.

Alexander W McPherson, Alan Harkrader: Rotary powered linear actuated clamp. De Sta Co Division Dover Resources, Lloyd M Forster, February 9, 1988: US04723767 (30 worldwide citation)

Rotary powered linear actuated clamp having hollow electric motor drive shaft coupled to threaded nut axially retained by reaction roller thrust bearings driving a linear threaded rod having integral toggle linkage actuator guided by anti-friction rollers in linear lateral reaction tracks.

Raymond Zweekly, Tony M Lowe: Chip control insert. GTE Valeron Corporation, Lloyd M Forster, December 2, 1986: US04626140 (26 worldwide citation)

Circular chip control insert including a plurality of peripheral arcuate scallops having adjacent intersections terminating in points at the cutting edge of the insert providing a wedge effect in dividing and breaking chips.

Patrick Jarvis: Sway bar for all terrain vehicle. Lloyd M Forster, June 27, 1989: US04842298 (25 worldwide citation)

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sway bar constructed with plastic tubular carrier solid nylon torsion bar and/or aluminum alloy torsion bar assembled end levers and a pair of independent laterally adjustable steel brackets for mounting the carrier to the ATV frame.

V Dennis Millgard: System for in-situ treatment of underwater contaminated material. Millgard Environmental Corporation, Lloyd M Forster, July 7, 1992: US05127765 (25 worldwide citation)

System including method and apparatus for treating contaminated underwater sediment by lowering a hollow casing to an underbed, lowering a power driven Kelly bar with injecting and mixing blade fed with treatment material such as solidifying cement and flyash, providing a top cover for confining the ...