Irene Romero, Rui Rodriques: Method and apparatus for treating and storing sulfur containing gas. Intevep, LIU GUOPING, September 30, 1992: CN91111959 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for treating gas samples containing sulfur comprises dehydrating the gas sample so as to obtain a dried gas sample having a water content of less than 100 ppm and thereafter storing the dried gas sample in a container which is non-reactive to sulfur in the gas.

Suzuki Yoichi, Anami Keini, Tsutsumi Yasuki: Cleaning cloth and cleaning impelement. Kao, LIU GUOPING, January 7, 1998: CN97112347

To clean up dust accumulated on an uneven part by arranging a tuft-shaped body at a heat part while a cleaning cloth is attached to the head part with the tuft-shaped body exposed. In the use of a cleaner 1, a unit handle 31 is linked to assemble a handle 3 while a head part 2 is linked to the tip p ...

Dick Meijer, Herman Lankamp: Polymer thickened lubricating grease. Skf Industrial Trading &Amp Development Co, LIU GUOPING, January 14, 1998: CN97103074

A polymer thickened lubricating grease composition with improved resistance to high operating temperatures (constant and/or peak), containing 1) a lubricating base oil, 2) a polymeric thickener, containing 2a) a high melting point component comprising at least one polymer with a melting point (ASTM ...

Wan, George Tin Yau, Dick Meijer: Conducting polymer-thickened grease compositions. Skf Industrial Trading &Amp Development Co, LIU GUOPING, October 29, 1997: CN97103075

The present invention relates to an electrically conducting polymer thickened grease composition is provided, comprising 1) a lubricating base oil 2) a polymer thickener 3) an electrically conducting component 4) further additives known per se, characterised in that the polymeric thickener comprises ...

Karl Heinz Hofmann, Nicole Schodel, Ernst Haidegger: Method and appts. for processing material flow mainly composed of formol, methanol, acetylene, water and low boiling point substance. Linde, LIU GUOPING, February 18, 1998: CN97115044

Treating a stream consisting of formaldehyde, methanol, acetylene, water and low boiling fractions, especially a gas stream produced when synthesising butene diol comprises: (a) hydrogenating the stream (5) with addition of hydrogen (6) and/or a hydrogen-containing gas mixture in a reactor (R), in w ...





Guan Gaotian: Thermographic duplicating adhesive material. Guan Gaotian, LIU GUOPING, November 10, 1993: CN92103263

The invention relates to a kind of adhesive transfr material comprised of based material and adhesive transfer agent. The latter is a modified acrylic resin with secondary durable thermal hardening performance and can form a protecting layer on the transfered material when it is transfered; the base ...