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A method for generating cryptographically secure (or unpredictable) pseudo-random numbers uses simple functions whose inverse is not a well-defined function and has a large number of branches, although the inverse could be easily computed on each particular branch. In this way the sequence of number ...

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A method and system for digital video noise reduction which includes a picture analyser (103) for analysing pictures in a video sequence to determine the amount of moving regions therein, a noise level detector (102) for estimating the noise level (N) in the video sequence, a filtering level estimat ...

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A filter intended to receive a discrete time signal at a sampling clock frequency, comprising a determined number, greater than 2, of filtering units, each filtering unit comprising head capacitors in a number equal to the determined number, assembled in parallel between an input terminal and the te ...

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A packet based display interface arranged to couple a multimedia source device to a multimedia sink device is disclosed that includes a transmitter unit coupled to the source device arranged to receive a source packet data stream in accordance with a native stream rate, a receiver unit coupled to th ...

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A hybrid circuit forming an interface between a transmission line and heads of transmission-reception of signals in bands of different frequencies in transmission and reception, including a line transformer, and means for separating bands combined with echo cancellation means.

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A method is provided for forming improved quality interlevel aluminum contacts in semiconductor integrated circuits. A contact opening is formed through an insulating layer. A barrier layer is deposited over the surface of the integrated circuit. An aluminum layer is then deposited at relatively low ...

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The high-gain photodetector is formed in a semiconductor-material body which houses a PN junction and a sensitive region that is doped with rare earths, for example erbium. The PN junction forms an acceleration and gain region separate from the sensitive region. The PN junction is reverse-biased and ...

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Embodiments of the instant invention relate to a system for maintaining the integrity of data transfers in shared memory configuration by different processes to a data buffer located in the contiguous memory locations. The accesses by the different processes can be at the same time. One embodiment e ...

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A method and apparatus for testing and programming signal timing are disclosed which can be incorporated into an integrated circuit device utilizing on-chip timed command signals and pulses. The method of the invention enables nonpermanent testing and retesting of a device at various operational spe ...

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An improved output buffer having single ended as well as differential signaling capabilities, providing symmetrical outputs for differential output configurations for both synchronous and asynchronous applications, comprising: a pair of flip-flops receiving complementary input signals, a pair of tra ...