Wilmo C Orejola: Ventricular venting loop. Linval B Castle, January 15, 1991: US04985014 (245 worldwide citation)

A catheter and fluid pumping apparatus and the method for bypassing portions of the heart to temporarily reduce the work load on the heart muscle. A double tube catheter is introduced into the femoral vein or artery and is advanced into the ventricle where blood is drawn and mechanically pumped back ...

Wilmo C Orejola: Hydraulically operated surgical scissors. Linval B Castle, July 14, 1998: US05779727 (125 worldwide citation)

A highly maneuverable surgical scissors at the end of an 8 mm. diameter flexible arm 45 cm. in length and controlable by a scissors handle at the opposite end is designed for modern thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery through a "button-hole" access port in a minimally invasive procedure.

Wilmo C Orejola: Surgical wound closures. Linval B Castle, January 20, 1987: US04637380 (103 worldwide citation)

A surgical wound closure in which none of the closure elements contact the wound surface includes a pair of flexible and pliable plastic skeleton rods having facing surfaces connectable together by alternate buttons and sockets. The outer surfaces of the rods support a plurality of pins that extend ...

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A prober for the electrical testing of unpackaged integrated circuits on a semiconductor wafer can test these devices between subfreezing to elevated temperatures without generating atmospheric fog or frost on the wafer or associated equipment by directing an enclosed tubular curtain of dry gas, suc ...

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A switching regulator electronic power supply for 115 volt A.C. operation rectifies and filters to provide approximately 170 volts of unregulated D.C. to the primary winding of a power conversion transformer. In series with the primary winding is a transistor power switch controlled by a pulse width ...

Christopher C Rutter: Fluid dispenser. Linval B Castle, March 30, 1982: US04322018 (63 worldwide citation)

A fluid dispenser for a bulk container of the type having a rigid outer box with a sealable flexible plastic inner bag. The dispenser includes a tubular sleeve having a flange that is heat-sealed to the outer surface of the plastic bag and a tubular turncock having a pointed inner end for piercing t ...

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In a bag-in-box fluid dispensing system including a bag fitment sealed over an opening in the fluid bag, a normally closed valved intermediate element sealed in the bag fitment, and a normally closed valved dispenser removably coupled to the valved intermediate element, the intercoupling of the inte ...

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A method for determining a value of absolute reflectance of a material at a predetermined wavelength, in the ultraviolet range from its measured reflectance which includes system losses contributed by optics, illumination sources, detectors, etc. The method involves the measurement of reflectance fr ...

Wilmo C Orejola: Transthoracic aortic sleeve. Linval B Castle, April 8, 1997: US05618270 (54 worldwide citation)

For patients requiring intra-aortic balloon (IAB) therapy but cannot take it through the usual femoral artery, it is necessary to open the chest to directly insert the IAB directly to the artery. A new process includes a transthoracic aortic sleeve of teflon or woven dacron tubing 30-40 cm. long for ...

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Dispensers for flexible sealed plastic bags used for the storage of wines or other liquids that may spoil when exposed to the air. The outer sleeve of each of the described embodiments of the dispenser is attached to the exterior surface of the sealed bag and either cuts or shears open the bag by a ...