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A waterborne coating composition having a total solids content at application of greater than 30 percent, contains pigment and a dispersion of polymeric microparticles in an aqueous medium. The microparticles contain greater than 30 percent by weight based on the microparticles of a substantially hy ...

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A curing composition, for use in curing of an acrylic polyol-containing coating composition, contains from about 20 to about 70 percent of an aliphatic polyisocyanate, from about 20 to about 70 percent of an aliphatic polyisocyanate prepolymer, from about 0.01 to about 5.0 percent of an ultraviolet ...

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An aqueous based coating composition contains a polymeric film-forming resin and as an additive from about 1 to about 40 percent by weight based on the resin solids of the composition of an oligomeric ester having an acid value of from about 100 to about 500 of the structure: ##STR1## where X is the ...

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A method of characterization of a coating on a surface such as a paint coating having metallic flakes distributed within such coating. Single and multi-angle models are utilized. The coating is characterized by measurements having components of light reflected by the metal flakes and attenuated on i ...


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An intumescent curable composition has as its principal constituents an epoxy resin; a curing agent; and an additive component which is composed of a mixture of materials which provide a source of phosphorus, zinc, boron and an expansion gas. The aforesaid composition is capable of forming a carbona ...


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An aqueous sizing composition for glass fibers particularly useful for the reinforcement of thermoplastic or thermosetting matrix polymers contains film-forming material, fluorescent whitening agent, coupling agent, stabilizing agent and lubricant. The film-forming material is selected to be compati ...

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A polyurethane polyanhydride oligomer is disclosed as well as a process for its preparation. The process involves the following steps:

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Describes an optical article, e.g., an ophthalmic photochromic article, such as a lens, in which the article includes: (1) a transparent substrate, such as a thermoset or thermoplastic plastic substrate, (2) a multiply laminate adjacent to at least one surface of the substrate, the laminate comprisi ...