Zhang Yuanzhen, Zeng Zhaoqi, Li Xianglin: Obtusatus arthrospira phycocyanin and its application. Zhang Yuanzhen, LIN YUNHE, March 6, 1996: CN94109295 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a novel phycocyanin which is extracted from obtusatus arthrospira and its molecular weight is 14500 daltons, isoelectric point is 4.8, maximum spectral absorption value is 620 mm. Said phycocyanin is an oligomer consisting of alpha and beta subunits, and has the remar ...

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Finely divided hydrophobic silica powder having a number average particle size from 3 to 10 nm and a BET surface area from 195 to 290 l/g is dry blended with particles of a thermosetting resin composition having a volumetric average particle size from 5 to 20 mu m in a proportion from 0.05 to 2.0 pa ...

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Disclosed is a process for preparing an anhydrous magnesium halide solution.According to this process, an anhydrous magnesium halide solution scarcely containing calcium can be prepared from hydrous magnesium halide containing calcium as an impurity. Also disclosed is a process for preparing a solid ...

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Drying of a solid polymer is disclosed in which a solid polymer obtained by polymerization (or a product of modification of the solid polymer) is contacted with a drying gas so that any solvent and/or unreacted polymerization feed materials remaining in the solid polymer are removed to thereby dry t ...

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A method for producing a sucrose fatty acid ester, which comprises subjecting sucrose and a lower alkyl ester of fatty acid to an ester exchange reaction in an organic solvent in the presence of an alkali catalyst to produce the corresponding sucrose fatty acid ester, wherein from 5 to 35 wt percent ...

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A method for forming a heat treating atmosphere in which a nitrogen rich gas containing small amounts of oxygen is preheated. An oxygen-reactive gas, such as a hydrocarbon gas, is combined with the nitrogen rich gas and the mixture is reacted outside of the furnace at temperatures above which substa ...

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A polishing composition comprising silicon nitride fine powder, water and an acid.

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A cigarette smoking article achieves very low levels of CO and other gas phase components by means of substantial air dilution, but has an acceptable pressure drop and sufficient delivery of particulate matter to provide a flavorful smoke. The filter has two sections, an upstream section which has s ...

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The present invention relates to a process for producing an aromatic carboxylic acid, which comprises oxidizing an alkylaromatic hydrocarbon with a molecular oxygen-containing gas in a liquid phase in an acetic acid solvent in the presence of catalyst components comprising cobalt, manganese and brom ...

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A negative-acting photoimageable composition including a photopolymerizable compound(c), a binder polymer and a free-radical generating chemical system is improved by the inclusion of an acrylic functional U.V. stabilizer either incorporated in the binder polymer and/or as a portion of the photopoly ...