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A heatable dilation catheter includes an elongated flexible catheter which has an inflatable balloon attached to its distal end. The balloon has a heating element attached to it. A lumen provides a passageway which allows fluid to be introduced to inflate the balloon so that the heating element is i ...

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A transaction card is disclosed having a magnetic stripe emulator. The transaction card is adapted for use with presently available transaction terminals that include a sensor for reading a magnetic stripe. The subject card includes a transducer for generating a varying magnetic field corresponding ...

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A recording apparatus and method is disclosed which includes a writing fluid source feeding a drop projection means which ejects a series of droplets of writing fluid from a nozzle in a discontinuous stream with sufficient energy to traverse a substantially straight trajectory to a recording medium. ...

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The subject invention relates to a transaction system wherein the issuer of transaction cards can regulate the type of authorization requests transmitted from the point of transaction. The system includes a plurality of transaction cards, each of which are provided with risk assessment data associat ...

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In the present invention, a method and an apparatus for measuring the blood pressure of a patient continuously and non-invasively is disclosed. The blood pressure is determined by measuring the harmonic frequencies and displacements of an arterial wall of the patient. The measurements are then calib ...

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A stent for implanting in a blood vessel following balloon angioplasty to prevent restenosis. The stent is a helical coil of a shape memory alloy tape or wire. The coil has a diameter less than that of the blood vessel in which it is to be implanted. The tape or wire has previously been wound to for ...

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Apparatus is disclosed in a system for drilling holes with a laser beam in a plurality of discrete moving workpieces carried by a support which moves each workpiece sequentially along a predetermined path at a predetermined velocity, the apparatus including means for sequentially tracking along a po ...

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A helical balloon is attached to the distal end of a catheter to serve when inflated as a therapeutic tool for the removal of blood clots and as a diagnostic tool for physical measurements and the application of treatment and other materials.

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A transaction card is disclosed capable of authorizing a transaction in a foreign currency. The subject transaction card includes an internal microprocessor which is connected to a memory. Stored within the memory is a transaction limit associated with each account of the cardholder. Also stored in ...

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A security system is disclosed for use in an electronic funds transfer environment. The system includes a central processor and a portable transaction device. During initiation, the central processor generates a sequence of transaction numbers and associated random numbers. This data is supplied to ...