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A catheter is provided with a lumen which extends along most of the length of the catheter and then curves outwardly to terminate in a port for the passage of guide wires and catheters through the lumen into branch arteries.

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An apparatus (20) for measuring the thickness of a thin film layer (32) on substrate (28) includes a probe beam of radiation (24) focused substantially normal to the surface of the sample using a high numerical aperture lens (30). The high numerical aperture lens (30) provides a large spread of angl ...

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A method and system for performing reflectance measurements of a sample using radiation having UV frequency components (preferably in a broad UV band) and visible frequency components (preferably in a broad band). Preferably, two detectors simultaneously receive a sample beam reflected from the samp ...

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An efficient end-to-end encryption system including key management procedures for providing secure, financial data communication between a system user at one of a plurality of transaction terminals of one of a plurality of acquirer institutions and one of a plurality of issuer institutions, with sel ...

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A method and apparatus for time multiplexing and demultiplexing two channels of picture information within a standard video channel. The method is specifically designed for field sequential stereoscopic display applications, but may be used for non-stereoscopic applications where conservation of ban ...

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A seal for use in a surgical instrument to provide a gas-tight seal with an instrument passed through the seal. The seal can form a gas-tight seal with an instrument having a diameter within a wide range of diameters. The seal comprises a seal body, an instrument seal, and a laterally-compliant seal ...

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An Internet high fidelity audio transmission and compression protocol including a system for representing synthesized music in a relatively small file as compared to digital recording. The protocol includes a method for streaming the transmission of a music data file from a Server-Composer computer ...

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A system and method for secure group communication via multicast or broadcast transmission. In preferred embodiments, the system of the invention implements a secure multicast group consisting of senders, receivers, a group security controller (GSC), and at least one trusted intermediary (TI) server ...

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A computer program product comprising: a computer useable medium having computer readable program code means embodied therein for encrypting and decrypting information transferred over a network between a client application program running in a client computer and a server application program runnin ...