Yang Bolun, He Yongjun: Method for mfg. lanthana nanopowder. Xi An Jiaotong Univ, li zhengjian, March 12, 2003: CN02139391 (1 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing lanthanum oxide nanoparticles includes preparing water-in-oil microemulsion from the solution of surfactant, co-surfactant, non-polar organic solvent, dimethyl oxalate and lanthanum nitrate, heating, reaction, vacuum evaporation of solvent, washing precipitate with alcohol an ...

Huang Yumei, Gao Feng, Zhang Guangpeng: Pull, press, bend coupling boundary element meathod of beam containing mang flexible joining parts. Xi An Univ Of Science And Engineering, li zhengjian, April 30, 2003: CN02139538 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a coupling boundary element method of beam containing multipul flexible combining parts, it includes: (1) reversal load coupling treatment method of flexible combining part for beam, (2) tension, compression, bending and torsion static coupling poundary element model ...

Liu Junhua, Liang Jintao, Zhu Changchun: Carbon nano tube film micromechanical infrared detector. Xi An Jiaotong Univ, li zhengjian, December 18, 2002: CN02114434 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a carbon nano tube film micromachinery infrared detector with simple structure, high resolution, broad spectrum respose range, high sensitivity and low cost, and is characterized by that it includes micromachinery with a certain backing material, pick-up circuit and m ...

Zhao Yulong, Jiang Zhuangde, Zhao Libo: High-temperature pressure sensor. Xi An Jiaotong Univ, li zhengjian, February 20, 2002: CN01128782 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses pressure sensor of high temperature resistant. It consists of base, pressure diaphragm, mid-body, pressure-transferring bar, cantilever, washer, and silicon isolating strain gauge. The pressure diaphragm is soldered on medium. The linkage between the pressure diaphragm and ba ...

He Beiru, Song Xiyue: Production method for hybrid wheat seed. Xibei Univ Of Agricultural &Amp Forestry Science &Amp Technology, li zhengjian, June 19, 2002: CN01131838 (1 worldwide citation)

The method for producing hybride wheat seed is characterized by that when it utilizes the hybridization of wheat to produce hybride one-generation seed, it adopts the combination of restoring line and sterile line, in which they are sown in same period, well met in flowering season, restoring line p ...



Wang Renfeng: Molecular membrane fruit and vegetable antistaling agent made of edible material. Siyuan Biological Science And Technology, Yangling, li zhengjian, April 16, 2003: CN02139467 (1 worldwide citation)

A molecular-membrane antistaling agent for fruit is prepared from the edible material chosen from protein, sugar or polyose, aliphatics, natural or synthetic high-molecular material and micromolecular material through preparing organic solution, aqueous solution, or emulsion, adding food aditive, st ...

Ma Youping, Xu Kewei: Induction heating method for alloying surface of mg alloy. Xi An Jiaotong Univ, li zhengjian, February 19, 2003: CN02114635 (1 worldwide citation)

An alloying process for modifying the surface of Mg alloy by induction heating features that the Al powder, Zn powder, or their mixture, which has high chemical stability to resist the corrosion of salt fog and sewater, is mixed with adhesive, coated on the surface of Mg alloy, and heated by electri ...

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