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A method of making (all-rac.)-alpha-tocopherol by the acid-catalyzed condensation of trimethylhydroquinone with isophytol or phytol wherein the condensation is carried out in the presence of a tris(perfluoroalkanesulphonyl or pentafluorobenzenesulphonyl)methane or a metal salt thereof as the catalys ...

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A process for preparing a compound of the formula I useful as a non-steroidal glucocorticoid receptor modulator.

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Novel antimicrobial compounds based on 5-substituted 3-isothiazolones, where the 5-substituent is an aryl or heterocyclic ether/thioether group, are disclosed. These 5-substituted 3-isothiazolones provide enhanced antimicrobial activity over that of related 3-isothiazolones, particularly when the 5- ...

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Process for the preparation of bis(4-amino-1-pyridinium)alkanes of the formula I by reacting difunctionalized alkanes with 4-aminopyridines in water or a mixture of water and organic solvent.

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The present invention relates to novel N-substituted azaheterocyclic carboxcylic acids of the general formula wherein X, Y, Z, R1, R2 and r are as defined in the detailed part of the description, or salts thereof, to methods for their preparation, to compositions containing them, and to their use fo ...

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A four cycle engine oil for two wheelers which has fuel economy saving properties and clutch slip preventing properties is provided. This four cycle engine oil composition for two wheelers contains a lubricant base oil and, based on the total amount of the composition, (A) 30-1,000 mass ppm of an or ...

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The invention features methods of cryopreserving sperm. The methods include providing a sample of sperm; cooling the sperm to a first temperature; maintaining the sperm sample at the first temperature; cooling the sperm to a second temperature; maintaining the sperm at the second temperature; and st ...

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The present invention comprises compositions that provide anti-glycation activity comprising a mineral extract composition or a mogroside/mineral extract composition or a mogroside composition. Such compositions are useful for methods of preventing, treating and inhibiting the effects of glycation i ...

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The invention relates to a method of treating a patient suffering from peripheral vascular disease, peripheral neuropathies, or autonomic neuropathies by administering a cGMP PDE5 inhibitor such as sildenafil. The method is particularly applicable to patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers, Ray ...

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Methods and compositions for treating or ameliorating diseases and other conditions, such as infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and allergies are provided. The methods employ mono- and disaccharide-based compounds for selectively stimulating immune responses in animals and plants.