Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred Charles, Buckner Allen O, Nay Kevin: Media shadow files and system. Hewlett Packard Development Co, li ling, September 21, 2011: CN200880131828

One embodiment of a system for rendering media files comprises a computer configured to determine media file formats that are used by media rendering devices connected to a network and to determine media files available on the network. The computer generates media shadow files of media file formats ...

Michael D Ellis, Todd A Wark: System and method for compiling user media list. United Video Properties, li ling, March 17, 2004: CN01817261 (4 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for building media lists are provided in which media may be tagged, listed and subsquently accessed. Meida inciators such as advertisements promotions, programming embedded merchandise, and other suitable indicators may be displayed to promote various media such as television pro ...

G Grego: Method for transmitting signals in communication networks, associated system and terminal. Telecom Italia Lab, li ling, September 24, 2003: CN01813279 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for transmitting signals, and digital signals in particular, from a given point such as a base station (BS) to a terminal such as a mobile communications network terminal (T) envisages that said terminal (T) generates pulse signals at determined instants. The base station (BS) detects the r ...

Ishida Akira, Iisaka Atsushi, Kichita Takashi: Drawing device. Matsushita Electric Industrial, li ling, December 5, 2001: CN01119723 (3 worldwide citation)

In a rendering device Urnd1, a processor 1 receives surrounding images S1 to S8 from image capture devices 5 to 12 placed in a vehicle, and based thereon, generates a vehicle overlaid image. The processor 1 also receives a rudder angle theta from a rudder angle sensor 13 placed in the vehicle. Then, ...

Tom Rickards: Industrial safety assembly including disposable ear protection and ear phone. Energy, li ling, May 9, 2001: CN98814067 (2 worldwide citation)

An industrial safety assembly (10) to be worn on a worker head in an industrial setting, the assembly including a speaker assembly structured and disposed to audibly communicate an audio signal received by a receiver assembly (68) to the wearer through a speaker head. The speaker head (63), which is ...

Yamauchi Masakazu: Three-terminal filter using area warping vibration mode. Murata Manufacturing, li ling, June 26, 2002: CN01137881 (2 worldwide citation)

A three-terminal filter using the area flexural vibration mode is smaller than filters using the area expansion vibration mode or the length vibration mode, and is easily adjusted to produce a desired frequency by changing the thickness and length of the three-terminal filter. The three-terminal fil ...

Zhou Minhua: Length-changeable decoding system and method. Texas Instruments, li ling, February 27, 2002: CN01108378 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of decoding variable length codes by converting a variable code table into a variable length decoding code table plus control table from which a universal variable length decoder can decode.

Kj Kledzik, Jc Engle: Electronic module having 3-d array of carrier-mounted ic packages. Legacy Electronics, li ling, July 2, 2003: CN01809032 (2 worldwide citation)

A package carrier (100) for increasing the circuit density on printed circuit boards (503). The package carrier (100) mounts on a printed circuit board (503) on top of a first integrated circuit package (507) that is also mounted on the printed circuit board (503). The carrier (100) has an upper maj ...

Geoffrey D Tremain: Method and appts. for providing computer services. Ernst &Amp Young, li ling, October 8, 2003: CN01814310 (1 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are disclosed for providing one or more computer services to a plurality of customers (A, B, C). At least one virtual machine (VS) is set up on a real computer (30) for each of the customers (A, B, C) at the request of each of the customers (A, B, C). The or each virtual mach ...

Devabhaktuni Srikrishna, Amalvayal Chari: Method and system to provide routing protocal for wireless device. Tropus Network Co, li ling, April 14, 2004: CN01822619 (1 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for generating connectivity is described. The method includes a server broadcasting a beacon including the server's address. The method further includes each client that receives the beacon rebroadcasting the beacon. The result is that each client receiving the beacon knows a ...