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In the present invention, the methods and apparatus for making efficient laser beam coupling are disclosed. In particular, new structures for shaping and rearranging laser beams from diode laser array are disclosed. Along with the use of unique methods for coupling pumping laser beam into optical fi ...

Hu Yanzhi: Semiconductor laser light resource for projection apparatus. Shanghai Inst Of Op Tics And Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, li lanyang, July 17, 2002: CN01139221 (7 worldwide citation)

The semiconductor laser light source mainly is applicable to laser projection, alser etching, printing and measurement equipments, and is characterized by that its semiconductor laser component is coupled with monomode fibre to output a laser beam, said laser beam is passed through a collimating ele ...

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An observer used in conjunction with atomic microscope is composed of rotary handwheel, leading screw in vertical column driven by the rotary handwheel, coarse focusing mechanism, fine focusing mechanism, first central light axis composed of optical fibre, lighting lens, and semi-reflecting semi-tra ...

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The invention relates to a non-harmful X-ray position finder that is used for industrial non-harmful inspecting and locating of relative position among more than two objects with near atomic number. The finder includes vertical and horizontal brakets. The X-ray tube is located on an end of the brack ...




Zhou Qiang: Searching engine with automating sorting function. Shiji Internet Information System, Shanghai, li lanyang, December 6, 2006: CN200610026252 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a search engine with automatic classification function, it includes: the automatic collection and the pretreatment module, which are used to automatically collect the documents from the network, and carry out the pretreatment, and transfer the documents for the computer to re ...


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A position-phase plate for optical beam scanner includes a pair of complementary positive and nagative transparent position-phase plates with Talbot position-phase code structure, which are parellel and have a gap between them. On their opposite surfaces, there are more than 1 positive and negative ...