Richard A Anderson, Robert C Sokolowski, Kurt W Ostermeier: Nonwoven fabric and method of producing same. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, July 11, 1978: US04100324 (946 worldwide citation)

A nonwoven fabric-like material having a unique combination of strength, absorbency and hand consists essentially of an air-formed matrix of thermoplastic polymer microfibers having an average fiber diameter of less than about 10 microns, and a multiplicity of individualized wood pulp fibers dispose ...

Robert J Brock, Gary H Meitner: Nonwoven thermoplastic fabric. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, August 9, 1977: US04041203 (568 worldwide citation)

A non-woven fabric-like material comprising an integrated mat of generally discontinuous, thermoplastic polymeric microfibers and a web of substantially continuous and randomly deposited, molecularly oriented filaments of a thermoplastic polymer. The polymeric microfibers have an average fiber diame ...

Harvey J Abramson: Valve for use with a catheter or the like. Metatech Corporation, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, March 13, 1979: US04143853 (372 worldwide citation)

A miniature valve for use with a catheter or the like in which a cylindrical valve body is made up of a male member and female member telescoped together so as to define opposed annular seats surrounding a through-opening. A disc of rubber having a central domed portion containing an axial slit is m ...

Richard C Juds, Dennis M Healy: Connector for coaxial cable with annularly corrugated outer conductor. Andrew Corporation, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, September 6, 1977: US04046451 (261 worldwide citation)

A connector assembly for a coaxial cable having an annularly corrugated outer conductor has a first unitary clamping member which fits over the end of the coaxial cable and forms an inwardly extending bead at one end thereof for meshing with the last valley in the corrugated outer conductor, thereby ...

Daryl Braun: Method and means for interactive audio and video conferencing. Darome, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, November 23, 1982: US04360827 (171 worldwide citation)

A method and system for establishing an interactive audio and video conference. A plurality of geographically dispersed interactive sites are connected via the ordinary message telephone system to a central conferencing bridge. The bridge mixes the audio signals received from any of the interactive ...

Robert J O Hara: Multi-cable conduit for floors and walls. Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, December 6, 1983: US04419535 (157 worldwide citation)

A multi-cable conduit has a housing which is opened at opposite ends, and a plurality of partitions dividing the interior of the housing into a plurality of compartments extending between the open ends. Each of the compartments is sized to receive a multiplicity of cables extending through the compa ...

Clifford Taylor: Apparatus for testing starters and alternators. American Generator & Armature Co, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, January 24, 1978: US04070624 (151 worldwide citation)

Test apparatus for electrically and mechanically testing the condition of alternators and starters used in automobiles, trucks and the like. The apparatus, in its preferred form, includes a pair of holding fixtures for securing a starter or alternator during test, the fixtures being configured to al ...

Hugh R Watson, David G Rowsell, David J Spring: P-Menthane carboxamides having a physiological cooling effect. Wilkinson Sword, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, January 23, 1979: US04136163 (135 worldwide citation)

N-substituted-p-menthane-3-carboxamides are disclosed having the property of stimulating the cold receptors of the nervous system of the human body to produce a cold sensation and are used for this purpose in a variety of edible and topical preparations.

Ted Butterfield, George E Bird, Gary A Paulsen, Edward J O Brien: Quick disconnect fluid transfer system. Spraying Systems Co, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, July 9, 1985: US04527745 (129 worldwide citation)

A fluid transfer system including a cap member having a first fluid transfer member therein and being removably mountable on a second fluid transfer member. Cooperating lugs and slots formed by the cap member and second member lock the two members together when the cap is placed on the second member ...

Vernon L Schatz: Universal funds transfer and identification card. Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, January 4, 1977: US04001550 (125 worldwide citation)

A universal funds transfer and identification card for use with electronic terminals, such card including a random access memory for storing up to date account information sufficient to allow the completion of at least certain transactions without the intervention of a remote computer. The card incl ...

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