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Tissue manipulation and securement systems are described herein. A tissue manipulation assembly is pivotably coupled to the distal end of a tubular member and has a lower jaw member and an upper jaw member pivotably coupled to the lower jaw member. A reconfigurable launch tube is also pivotably coup ...

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Apparatus and methods are provided for partitioning a gastro-intestinal lumen by intraluminally reducing a local cross-sectional area thereof. The apparatus comprises a plurality of anchors adapted for intraluminal penetration into a wall of the gastro-intestinal lumen to prevent migration or dislod ...

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This relates to a device for treating lung disease, and more particularly, relates to a device for exchanging energy with airway tissue such as that found in the airways of human lungs. The exchange of energy with this airway tissue in the airways reduces the ability of the airways to constrict and/ ...

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Methods and devices described herein facilitate improved access of locations within the body by providing a variety of dissection modes on a single access device.

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Apparatus and methods are provided for thermally and/or mechanically treating tissue, such as valvular structures, to reconfigure or shrink the tissue in a controlled manner. Mechanical clips are implanted over the leaflets of a valve, e.g., in the heart, either alone or after thermal treatment to c ...

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An expandable support device for tissue repair is disclosed. The device can be used to repair hard or soft tissue, such as bone or vertebral discs. A method of repairing tissue is also disclosed. The device and method can be used to treat compression fractures. The compression fractures can be in th ...