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Signals from a number of NAVSTAR global positioning system (GPS) satellites (11,12,13,14) are received by a receiver (16) in a vehicle (15) and a segment of the signals is stored in a memory (18) prior to retransmission by a transmitter (19). A base station (35) receives these transmissions from the ...

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A radio (e.g. a cellular radio telephone) is provided which is capable of operating with a set of incoming and outgoing call functions. Removable memory means 132 are provided (e.g. a smart card) for storing radio function selecting information 133 and a radio user validation code. The radio communi ...

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When fewer than three of the satellites of a satellite global positioning system (GPS) such as NAVSTAR are visible to a user (15), the user cannot obtain independent positional information from the system. Since a satellite (11) in such a system is moving with respect to a user (15), its signals are ...

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The management of the priorities of access to a memory is characterized in that each request generator module (DP,GP) separately formulates the requests for access to a single word (DPREQ1, GPREQ1) and the requests for access to a plurality of words (DPREQN, GPREQN); differing priorities (REGA, REGB ...

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An IC is provided with supply pins extending beyond the chip's encapsulation. The location of the supply pins is chosen so as to minimize the length of the associated bonding wires. Moreover the supply pins are located next to each other so as to reduce the effective inductance of the associated bon ...

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A data processing system buffers sequential data for the duration of cyclically recurrent delay times. Memory location allocation is performed in such a way, that the memory is used efficiently without data-shifting after a read-out, and that the address generator is fairly simple.

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Process for the management of address words which determines destination addresses for the switching of data on the basis of input address words of (M+N) bits. The process includes the following steps:

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Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with an emission spectrum according to a spectral energy distribution comprising the wavelength ranges 380-490 nm, 490-590 nm, and 590-700 nm, within which wavelength ranges mutually equal or substantially equal quantities of energy are emitted with a tolera ...