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A direct conversion receiver, such as a paging receiver includes a local oscillator for mixing down to baseband a received radio frequency signal having a carrier frequency which is digitally modulated (FSK). To provide automatic frequency control, instead of using a control loop, the present invent ...

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A cellular digital radio transmission system which increases the number of available communication channels between base stations and mobile stations in such system. Message transmission from a base station to its assigned mobile stations is effected by a combination of time-division, code-division ...

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A system for transmitting digitized analog information includes, for the purpose of transmitting an additional information signal apparatus for modifying the bit of low significance of every n-th data word representing the digitized information depending on the bits of an additional information sign ...

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A multiple-access communications system for an unlimited user population wherein a system controller continuously transmits Aloha signals on a slot-by-slot basis giving an updated number of time slots available whereby a calling party can select any one of the designated time slots at random. The ca ...

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A method of data communication, particularly for long data messages, is disclosed. The data code words of a message are arranged in segments, each with its own header, and are assigned message and segment identification. A receiver reconstructs the data message segment by segment and, in the non-gro ...

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A data transmission system which provides differential transmission of a multi-level interface corresponding to a binary interface formed by a plurality of binary input signals. The binary interface is encoded by an encoder into a corresponding multi-level differential interface formed by a pluralit ...

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Video display apparatus having multiple processors for operation in parallel, each processing a respective complete video image in the sequence of video images (fields or frames) which form a video picture, the processing being in accordance with a selected signal processing algorithm. The algorithm ...

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A data processing system having a hand-gesture based display, user communication through the system and interaction with the system being effected by inputting of data signified by a hand code which includes representations of commonly understood natural hand gestures. This enables such communicatio ...

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A digital transmission system provides selective protection by combining a convolutional coding, a punctured coding and a digital quadrature amplitude modulation. The rate of the convolutional coding in N/2N and the modulation uses a 2.sup.2N -point constellation, with N>1.

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An optical disc record carrier having a radiation-sensitive surface and a spiral or concentric pattern of information tracks thereon. The radial displacement of each track is modulated to produce a periodic radial wobble, the frequency of such periodic displacement being modulated by a position-info ...