Charles Sperry
Charles Richard Sperry: Bladder actuated pumping system. Sealed Air Corporation, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, September 5, 1978: US04111613 (19 worldwide citation)

A pumping system using an air actuated bladder type member to propel liquids out and to refill the pump. Invention covers such novel pumps and an overall dispensing system. Useful in pumping and dispensing liquids generally and is especially useful in dispensing polyurethane chemicals.

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry: Method and apparatus for forming foam cushions. Sealed Air Corporation, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, April 1, 1980: US04196160 (17 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is provided for forming a cushion from foam plastic material by first depositing separate masses of foam material, each having a predetermined configuration, onto a moving transfer surface at a depositing station. While the masses of material are being transferred to a forming ...

Mahendrakumar D Desai, Thomas E Shuren: Microprocessor based vending apparatus. Trafalgar, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, October 19, 1982: US04354613 (164 worldwide citation)

Microprocessor-based vending apparatus incorporating a plurality of separately driven individual dispensing assemblies is disclosed. The dispensing assemblies are scanned to determine their state and any malfunctioning assembly disabled to prevent attempted selection by a user without shutting down ...

Buchalter Gilbert: Article impregnated with skin-care formulations. Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, July 29, 1975: US3896807 (154 worldwide citation)

An article is provided which may be in the form of an article of apparel, such as a glove, or a topical applicator for use in applying a therapeutic substance to the skin, which article is impregnated with the oil phase of a cream formulation. The oil phase impregnant is in the form of a non-oily so ...

Sven Erik Bergentz, Kurt Sven Theodore Strid: Insert for use preferably in vascular surgery. Gambro, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, November 23, 1976: US03993078 (132 worldwide citation)

An insert for use preferably in vascular surgery which includes an unperforated, hollow body of substantially circular cross-section. The body is provided with a spiral line of fracture extending about the periphery of the body and defining continuous spiral coils to thereby weaken the cohesion of t ...

Roy F DeVries, William H Snyder II: Sublimation transfer and method. Roy F DeVries, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, May 3, 1977: US04021591 (101 worldwide citation)

A dry release sublimation transfer is provided which includes a temporary backing sheet having disposed thereon a sublimation transfer design layer formed of one or more sublimation transfer inks, and a polymeric coating disposed in contact with such design layer. In one embodiment, the design layer ...

Ingvar E Losell: Coupling device. Gambro, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, July 29, 1980: US04214779 (97 worldwide citation)

A coupling device for joining together two fluid conduits and for providing fluid access to fluid in the fluid conduits. The device comprises a first coupling member which is adapted to be connected to one of the fluid conduits and a second coupling member adapted to be connected to the other fluid ...

Gordon Gould: Optically pumped laser amplifiers. Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, October 11, 1977: US04053845 (92 worldwide citation)

Optically pumped laser amplifiers are disclosed. One type of such amplifier utilizes an excitable medium, the atoms, ions or molecules of said medium having well defined energy states including a lowest state, a lower state above said lowest state, and a higher state above said lower state, and a br ...

Douglas J White: Culture specimen collection and transport package. Bio Pharmaceutical Packaging, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, November 20, 1979: US04175008 (84 worldwide citation)

A culture specimen collection and transport package for collection of a specimen and for transport thereof to a test facility. The culture specimen collection and transport package comprises an elongated stem having a swab on one end, and first and second tubular members. The first tubular member is ...

Georg Spinner, Leo Treczka: Transmission line apparatus for dominant TE.sub.11 waves. Spinner, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, May 19, 1981: US04268804 (78 worldwide citation)

Transmission line apparatus for transmitting TE dominant electromagnetic waves is provided in accordance with the teachings of the present invention. The transmission line apparatus according to the present invention relies upon a transmission waveguide having a uniform cross-section which is substa ...