Ronald Pastore: Combination rear view mirror and digital displays. Leonard Belkin, December 23, 1986: US04630904 (347 worldwide citation)

A rear view mirror for a motor vehicle comprising a two-way mirror in which a tinted glass plate is mounted flush against a housing on one side with a rim bracket designed to keep out all light. The housing incorporates instruments and devices to show information by LED's including a digital clock, ...

Dinesh L Vadher: Combined catheter and needle. Leonard Belkin, February 19, 1991: US04994042 (132 worldwide citation)

A combined needle and catheter assembly comprising a body in which is provided a plunger having the needle at one end with the catheter enclosing said needle with the tip exposed. A pusher is provided to move the plunger to the proximate end of the body to expose the needle with catheter and to lock ...

Dinesh L Vadher: Retractable needle. Leonard Belkin, August 7, 1990: US04946446 (128 worldwide citation)

Safety hypodermic needle apparatus for disposing of a needle safely after use. The apparatus comprises a housing containing a plunger on which is mounted a needle at one end and an adapter at the other end for engaging a syringe. When the syringe is engaged and is used to push the plunger, the needl ...

Joseph A Vilasi: Expandable endotracheal tube. Leonard Belkin, February 2, 1988: US04722335 (128 worldwide citation)

An expandable endotracheal tube and the like comprising a pair of overlapping extended segments. A piston drive mechanism actuated by air under pressure is disposed between the segments to effect the expansion of the tube in situ. Slidable dovetail joints insure that the segments slide only circumfe ...

William J Willis: EZ access bed. Leonard Belkin, December 17, 1991: US05072463 (108 worldwide citation)

A bed which is articulated in two places capable of placing the occupant in an infinite number of positions including the standing position. The bed has a head portion and an intermediate portion both of which rotate about a shaft. A foot portion of the bed rotates about a second shaft. The bed pivo ...

Arain M Nawaz: Self-retaining gastrostomy tube. Leonard Belkin, August 29, 1989: US04861334 (108 worldwide citation)

A gastrostomy tube which is retained in place without the use of any stitching. The tube is held in place through the use of a balloon inside the stomach and a collar pressing against the abdominal wall of the patient. The tube is provided with a stretchable section which is lengthened prior to inse ...

Meyer Steinberg: Electrolytic synthesis of methanol from CO.sub.2. The United States of America represented by the United States Energy Research and Development Administration, Dean E Carlson, Leonard Belkin, May 25, 1976: US03959094 (93 worldwide citation)

A method and system for synthesizing methanol from the CO.sub.2 in air using electric power. The CO.sub.2 is absorbed by a solution of KOH to form K.sub.2 CO.sub.3 which is electrolyzed to produce methanol, a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.

John Mecca: Arterial regenerator. Leonard Belkin, September 1, 1987: US04690140 (70 worldwide citation)

Apparatus mounted on the end of a catheter for use in the removal of deposits lining the interior wall of a blood vessel comprising an endoscopic tube for lighting and viewing the region of the deposits and mechanism for controlling its movement. A rotating cutting device is provided. Clear liquid i ...

Gregory W Walter: Safety catheter. Leonard Belkin, May 9, 1989: US04828548 (64 worldwide citation)

Disposal apparatus for the safe disposal of a medicinal needle after use utilizing a container with a vacuum therein and a piston attached to one side of the needle which protrudes ready for use. After use of the needle, one side of the piston is exposed to ambient pressure and the needle is retract ...

William C Fleck: Filament bypass circuit. Chiu Technical Corporation, Leonard Belkin, February 23, 1988: US04727449 (59 worldwide citation)

A filament bypass circuit for use with a string of lamps in series capable of continuing current flow when a lamp in the string fails. Each lamp is provided with a shunt circuit consisting of a series circuit of a diode and a silicon bilateral voltage triggered switch. The switch becomes conductive ...