Louis N Lawler: Automatic headlight dimmer apparatus. Leon Gilden, February 4, 1992: US05086253 (220 worldwide citation)

An apparatus within a vehicle including a plurality of high beams in electrical communication with an automatic circuit to direct voltage to each associated high beam, wherein a photo-transistor is arranged in parallel circuitry to a relay coil and resistor, with the junction transistor arranged to ...

Donald Q Tran: Vehicular signal mirror apparatus. Leon Gilden, October 22, 1991: US05059015 (214 worldwide citation)

A side view mirror assembly for securement to each side of an associated vehicle. The mirror assembly includes a translucent lens projecting through an exterior side wall of an associated mirror housing wherein an illumination member is in electrical communication with the turning signals and emerge ...

Debra L Copeland, Charlie W Hardison: Flashlight holder apparatus. Leon Gilden, November 17, 1992: US05163752 (126 worldwide citation)

A holder includes a "C" shaped clamp member arranged to secure an articulated elongate positioning tube, wherein the positioning tube is fixedly received within a mounting plate that in turn secures a flashlight member thereto. In a modification, a fiber optic cable including a first end and a secon ...

Ted J Gunther: Intrauterine fetal EKG-oximetry cable apparatus. Leon Gilden, October 13, 1992: US05154175 (126 worldwide citation)

An apparatus including an organization to process signals regarding information to pulse rate and oxygen saturation of arterial blood flow in a fetus. The organization includes guide cable including sensors mounted to a housing, wherein the housing includes an adhesive plate, and the adhesive plate ...

Robert L Wilson: Head bolt and driver therefore. Leon Gilden, October 5, 1993: US05249899 (123 worldwide citation)

A head bolt and associated socket includes a head portion associated with the bolt configured for enhanced grasping thereof by a complementary tool member. A first and second multifaceted stepped torque application head surface of the head bolt are utilized for the spreading of torque loads to the h ...

Roger W Greene: Neck supported flashlight apparatus. Leon Gilden, December 7, 1993: US05268826 (102 worldwide citation)

A semi-annular band formed of shape-retentive material is arranged for positioning about an individual's neck, having its first end secured to a photo-cell and its second end mounting a flashlight member thereon, whereupon the photo-cell permits actuation of the flashlight member upon entering areas ...

Bradley P Dragon: Intravenous tubing retractor apparatus. Leon Gilden, August 17, 1993: US05236143 (91 worldwide citation)

A unitary housing contains a spring-biased return spool, with the spool including a predetermined length of intravenous feed conduit wound thereabout, with the feed conduit directed through a forward and rear wall of the housing and arranged to retract extraneous tubing within the housing. A modific ...

Mitchell K Mallory: Toy vehicle apparatus. Leon Gilden, November 5, 1991: US05062819 (88 worldwide citation)

A self-propelled vehicle is arranged wherein a coin receiving slot is provided within the vehicle body that is removably mounted relative to a vehicle chassis to permit replacement of the vehicle body by various configurations. Each of such bodies includes a support plate for directing an associated ...

David J Dixon: Oral irrigation apparatus. Leon Gilden, February 15, 1994: US05286192 (86 worldwide citation)

A tool member is arranged to provide a compressed air discharge into a fluid filled chamber to direct fluid from the chamber into one of a plurality of irrigation tools. The irrigation tools are arranged for frictional engagement within a socket of the tool member.

Eugene A Malloy: Exercise suit. Leon Gilden, March 27, 1990: US04910802 (79 worldwide citation)

An exercise suit apparatus is set forth wherein a suit of unitary construction is presented to envelop a human figure from the neck to the feet. The suit includes a plurality of elastic bands associated with each human appendage positioned on opposed sides of the arm portions of the suit and overlyi ...