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An electrostatically deflectable beam spatial light modulator with the beam composed of two layers of aluminum alloy and the hinge connecting the beam to the remainder of the alloy formed in only one of the two layers; this provides a thick stiff beam and a thin compliant hinge. The alloy is on a sp ...

Larry J Hornbeck: Spatial light modulator and method. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Carlton H Hoel, Leo N Heiting, Melvin Sharp, December 1, 1987: US04710732 (462 worldwide citation)

Spatial light modulators with deflectable metal flaps hinged to conducting posts on a substrate are disclosed. The metal flaps and conducting post may be a single piece, and connected to addressing circuitry in the substrate. Also, plasma etching to fabricate the flaps without breakage is disclosed.

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A method is provided for using a computer to select a travel route based on a selected performance criteria from a plurality of possible travel routes connecting a plurality of destinations. Information is input describing the location of each destination to be visited. For each pair of destinations ...

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Systems and methods for improved speech acquisition are disclosed including a plurality of linearly arrayed sensors to detect spoken input and to output signals in response thereto, a beamformer connected to the sensors to cancel a preselected noise portion of the signals to thereby produce a proces ...

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A body-mounted measuring instrument senses the heart beat and inner body temperature of a user. The instrument includes a computing circuit and a timekeeping circuit for calculating elapsed time, total heart beats, pulse rate, and difference in body temperature from a predetermined normal temperatur ...

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An etchant of PSG (14) or BPSG with high selectivity to substantially undoped oxide (12) includes a fluorine-liberating compound and a fluorine-scavenging compound. The fluorine-liberating compound is preferably a perfluorinated inorganic compound, and the fluorine-scavenging compound is preferably ...

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An automated procurement system, in which a buyer workstation is in communication with a mainframe database that stores global data relevant to procurement documents and reports. The workstation is programmed with an interactive buyer interface that displays procurement documents, provides support d ...

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A voice log-in system is based on a person's spoken name input only, using speaker-dependent acoustic name recognition models in a performing speaker-independent name recognition. In an enrollment phase, a dual pass endpointing procedure defines both the person's full name (broad endpoints), and the ...

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Disclosed is a process for making VLSI integrated circuits and a local interconnect system, wherein first poly, second poly and moat are all interconnected in any desired pattern by a TiN local interconnect. No masks are required beyond those which would be required for the two poly levels and local ...

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A semiconductor memory is comprised of four arrays (10), (12), (14) and (16) that have the memory elements therein arranged in accordance with pixel positions on a display. The memory arrays have associated shift registers (34), (36), (38) and (40) which have data loaded in parallel and output in a ...