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The present invention provides a modular electronic component (10) wherein a sequence: of leads (26) of a lead frame (12) differs from a sequence of bonding pads (16) on an integrated circuit (14). When lead frame (12) is placed adjacent integrated circuit (14), first and second power buses (22) and ...

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A memory system includes a multiple memory pointer in which a pointer selection signal selects one of a plurality of memory pointers to generate an address signal for application to the memory for controlling the location of memory operations. In the preferred embodiment the memory is arranged in an ...

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An address transition detector stores a first output signal on an output terminal for a first predetermined period of time in response to an initial edge of an internal address signal pulse. The address transition detector stores a second output signal on the output terminal for a second predetermin ...

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A new signal quantization scheme is proposed which reduces fluctuation of the output signal by a signal quantizer (10) providing a quantized output signal and multiplying (18) said input signal X by a factor (1-w.sub.1)and finding a difference signal .DELTA..sub.in (11) between both the input signal ...

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Disclosed is an electronic calculator system having an input for receiving data and command signals, a memory for storing inputted data and data to be outputted, an arithmetic unit for performing arithmetic operations on the data stored in the memory, a first read-only-memory for storing groups of i ...

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A graphics display system includes a random access memory arranged with a split serial register and a multiplexer for coupling column of storage cells from the memory array to storage elements of the split serial register. Data stored in either a low half or a high half of the addresses of the memor ...

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In an address transition detection summing circuit, the varying address signal pulse widths can result in output signals from the address transition detection summing circuit which can compromise the performance of the associated memory circuitry. A parallel signal delay path, activated by the leadi ...

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An electronic handheld talking translator including a speech synthesis integrated circuit device. The speech synthesis integrated circuit device includes a digital filter, a voiced/unvoiced excitation circuit, a speech parameter interpolator, an input parameter decoder, a digital-to-analog converter ...

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An improved CMOS frequency divider circuit is disclosed which has override logic for forcing the circuit to exit from a forbidden state to a valid state.

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A semiconductor memory device (20) includes N bitlines (31, 32, 33, 34) addressable by a partially decoded column address, wherein N is greater two. A column address selection lead (YSEL) has plural segments, each of which overlays a length of one of the bitlines. Each segment of the column address ...