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A control for regulating the flow of a breathable fluid from a storage container to a recipient as a function of the differential between inhalation and exhalation pressure measured in the nasal cavity.

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A method and system for supplying a person with breathable fluid in an irrespirable atmosphere. A package which is attached to a person holds a container having a valve which is activated upon removal of a protective cover. The valve allows a breathable fluid to flow at a variable rate to a supply c ...

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A carbon composite aircraft brake disc (10, 50, 60, 110, 120) is manufactured to include internally an insert member (12, 14, 18, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 52, 115, 125) which effects positive vibration damping for the disc (10, 50, 60, 110, 120) during operation of the brake (100). The insert member (12, ...

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A vehicle powered by an electric motor which may be operated as a generator to effect regenerative braking of certain vehicle wheels in combination with individual friction brakes associated with other wheels. A commanded vehicle deceleration is apportioned among the wheels by determining the maximu ...

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A sway control apparatus for use in a tow vehicle trailer braking system that provides a brake applying servomotor in the trailer with an independent actuation signal to attenuate oscillary forces which may develop between the trailer and the tow vehicle.

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A control mechanism for regulating the proportion of a first and second fluid in a breathable fluid by measuring the physiological needs associated with the instantaneous operational parameter of an individual recipient.

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Apparatus for automatically eliminating a sway condition of a trailer towed by a tow vehicle. A hitch connects the trailer to the tow vehicle and has a sensor for providing signals corresponding to the hitch lateral force for operating the trailer brakes.

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A device for and method of providing reliable audible and visual warnings of incipient preignition in a combustion chamber is disclosed. The current flow through at least one engine spark plug is monitored at specified times throughout a number of engine revolutions during which there should be no c ...

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A device for treating and conditioning engine coolant for use with an internal combustion engine includes a housing having an inlet and outlet and a filtering media and container carrying coolant treatment material located within the housing. Coolant passes through the filter, and then is exposed to ...

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A heated resistive type sensor (20) for detecting the oxygen content in an exhaust gas is connected to an electronic control unit (22) for regulating the air/fuel ratio used to operate an internal combustion engine (10). The sensor (20) has a heater (70) which provides a constant thermal energy leve ...