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An implantable substrate sensor has electronic circuitry and electrodes formed on opposite sides of a substrate. A protective coating covers the substrate, effectively hermetically sealing the electronic circuitry under the coating. Exposed areas of the electrodes are selectively left uncovered by t ...

Joseph H Schulman, Rajiv Shah: Implantable sensor and integrity tests therefor. Alfred E Mann Foundation, Lee Jay Mandell, May 14, 2002: US06387048 (259 worldwide citation)

An implantable sensor includes electronic circuitry for automatically performing on a periodic basis, e.g., every 1 to 24 hours, specified integrity tests which verify proper operation of the sensor.

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A method and apparatus for improving visual acuity when providing a visual image from a “high” resolution input device to a “low” resolution output device. The described invention is of particular use when the output device is an array of electrodes as part of a retinal prosthesis used to restore vi ...

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A magnetic tape cartridge incorporating a drive belt characterized by a pattern of recesses in the belt surface in contact with the magnetic tape which are used to provide traps for tape contaminants. Different types of patterns are used to eliminate tension variations which would otherwise occur as ...