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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of skin keratoses consisting of topical application of a solution, gel, lotion, cream or ointment containing one or more of the .alpha.- or .beta.-hydroxy acids or .alpha.-keto acids, esters thereof, and their amine salts is discl ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of disorders characterized by cracking, flaking, or scaling of the skin consisting of the topical application of a solution, lotion, gel, stick, powder, cream or ointment containing as active ingredients one or more hydroxy acid o ...

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A microminiature cryogenic device for cooling in the milliwatt range includes a miniature refrigerator in which micron-sized fluid passages are defined in one or more internal surfaces of a laminate of glass or similar low thermal conductivity members by means of lithographic, etching or particle bl ...

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An apparatus and method for reading agglutination tests and other procedures by scanning the contents of a microtest well or other sample-holding vessel to determine a certain charactersitic of the contents, such as the size of an agglutination button or other solid mass in the well.

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An athletic type tennis or court shoe wherein spaced apart forefoot and rearfoot sole units are connected together only through a flexible soleless coupling to allow the wearer's forefoot and rearfoot to act independently of each other, wherein each sole unit has a resilient, shock-absorbing midsole ...

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A catheter intended to be inserted in a body duct, vessel or cavity in order to maintain the passage of liquid, gas or solid substances.

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Chemically stable dithranol compositions useful as topical treatment for inflammatory disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis are disclosed. Incorporation of a certain alpha hydroxyacid as its free acid, lactone, amide or salt form in dithranol containing compositions has been ...

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A urethral catheter comprising a tube for insertion into the bladder and having an inlet (17) for the drainage of urine via the tube, and a wall portion (18) having reduced thickness and increased flexural properties such that this wall portion (18) will undergo substantially complete collapse under ...