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A Message Publishing System (MPS) configured to receive a message from a sender, identify the sender as an authorized sender based on information associated with the message in comparison to data in a sender account, store the message, receive a request over the Internet for at least a portion of th ...

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A communications headset for use with a wireless telephone comprises a mount and a first and second attachment shaped to secure itself to the mount, wherein the first attachment is configured to secure itself around the ear of a user and wherein the second attachment includes a top portion to secure ...

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A system for preparing and managing patient-specific dose orders includes an order processing server configured to receive the patient-specific dose orders, define a queue of dose orders and distribute the dose orders to at least one dose preparation station. The dose preparation station is in bi-di ...

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A cardiac ablation instrument includes a catheter body and a tear-shaped balloon that is connected to the catheter body. The instrument further includes a radiant energy emitter that is axially movable within a central lumen of the catheter body. A radiant energy transparent body surrounds the energ ...

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Broadly speaking the present invention is directed to a system for calculating a volume of fluid that is disposed within a container. The system includes (1) an imaging device that captures and stores an image of at least the volume of fluid in the container; (2) a background disposed behind the con ...

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A laminate type light emitting diode device having excellent heat radiation performance and high output capability is provided. A plurality of reflection type light emitting diode units 10 each of which includes a light emitting diode 2 and a dichroic mirror 3 in a hollow metal holder case 5 having ...

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A search system, method and computer program are disclosed in which characters of a search term are captured as they are entered into a client system (20) and used to predict search terms. Search results are obtained for a predetermined number of the predicted search terms and cached at the client s ...

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A tissue anchor includes an anchor member formed from a generally flexible material. An activation member, which may be a tensioning member, causes proximal and distal end portions of the anchor member to move toward each other into a shortened configuration suitable for anchoring against the tissue ...

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Methods of repairing the mitral valve and reducing mitral regurgitation. One method includes securing a first tissue anchor to a position on a posterior portion of the annular tissue of the mitral valve and a second tissue anchor to a position on an anterior portion of the annular tissue of the mitr ...

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Systems, devices and methods for securing tissue including the annulus of a mitral valve. The systems, devices and methods may employ catheter based techniques and devices to plicate tissue and perform an annuloplasty.