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An adhesive blend is described that can include a semi-crystalline copolymer of propylene and at least one comonomer selected from the group consisting of ethylene and at least one C

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Acetals are formed from a mixture comprising alcohols and aldehydes and the product is distilled to yield purified alcohols and/or acetals and/or unsaturated ethers.

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Polymer blend compositions of a first polymer component comprising an ethylene propylene copolymer and a second polymer component comprising an isotactic polypropylene copolymer. The first polymer component has a uniform distribution of both tacticity and comonomer between copolymer chains. Further, ...


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The present invention includes a laminate and formation of a laminate having at least one layer of an ionomer and at least one layer of an acid polymer or blend of acid polymer and a thermoplastic polyolefin that can be thermoformed to form a shaped laminate. The shaped laminate can then be contacte ...

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The present invention relates to a polymerization process using improved metallocene catalyst systems. Specifically, the catalyst systems of the present invention relate to a metallocene compound having optimized metals loading and activator concentration, and demonstrate improved operability and pr ...

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Compositions are provided having from 70 wt % to 95 wt % of a polymer selected from homopolymers and random copolymers of propylene and from 5 wt % to 30 wt % of a miscible hydrocarbon resin with a glass transition temperature greater than 20° C. The polymer has a heat of fusion of less than 50 J/g, ...

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The present invention provides a catalyst precursor, a catalyst system comprising the precursor, and a polymerization method using the catalyst system, an embodiment of the precursor is selected from the following structures: wherein T is a bridging group; M is selected from Groups 3 to 13 atoms, an ...

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This invention relates generally to crystalline propylene polymers, to methods for their production and to methods for their use in film applications. Specifically, this invention relates to crystalline propylene polymers comprising both propylene homopolymer and propylene copolymer. The composition ...

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The invention relates to improvements in internal loop reactors. The reactor of the invention is characterized by a plurality of cooling tubes which form the annulus between the riser and the downcomer path of said internal loop reactor. The reactor also provides improvements in hydroformylation rea ...