Gongling Li: Secure credit card having daily changed security number. Lawrence Y D Ho & Associates, May 30, 2006: US07051929 (262 worldwide citation)

A secure credit card having daily changing security number is disclosed. The upper half portion of the secure credit card has a magnet strip and its thickness is same as a normal credit card, so it can be read by a credit-card reader. The bottom half portion of the secure credit card contains a proc ...

Liat Wei Teh: Surgical scrub brush. Lawrence Y D Ho & Associates, November 23, 2004: US06821043 (20 worldwide citation)

A surgical scrub brush that contains a base with a narrow scrubbing head (

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The present invention uses a method of processing signals in which signals received from an array of sensors are subject to system having a first adaptive filter arranged to enhance a target signal and a second adaptive filter arranged to suppress unwanted signals. The output of the second filter is ...


Ah Lim Chua: Method for forming a printed circuit board and a printed circuit board formed thereby. Gul Technologies Singapore, Lawrence Y D Ho & Associates, March 28, 2006: US07019959 (9 worldwide citation)

Upper, inner and lower sections (182, 180 and 184) of a PCB (100) are formed with each section having a substrate (140, 150 and 160) having patterned layers of metallization (105 and 110, 115 and 120, and 125 and 130), respectively. Some of the patterned layers of metallization (110, 115, 120, and 1 ...

Arvind Thiagarajan: Heart diagnosis system. HD Medical, Lawrence Y D Ho & Associates, Kang Lim, November 3, 2009: US07611471 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method and apparatus for analysing a heart signal from a beating heart, the method comprising: collecting the heart signal, performing a cluster analysis of the signal to identify the first heart sound and the second heart sound, determining an energy envelope for each of a ...

Hock Seh Ong, Ta Seng Jeffrey Mah: Fastener inspection system. Zen Voce Manufacturing, Lawrence Y D Ho & Associates, April 29, 2008: US07364043 (5 worldwide citation)

A high-speed fastener inspection system is provided to perform 100 percent inspection of various geometry features and to sort a large number of fasteners at high speed. The inspection system includes a rotary table having an outer periphery, an inner periphery, and a plurality of radial slots exten ...

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A radio frequency (RF) predistortion linearizer with a transistor and a control circuit, an input matching circuit and an output matching circuit. The control circuit is electrically coupled to a control voltage source that supplies control voltages via a control node. A resistor and a coupling indu ...

Nam Min Kim: Overlay vernier. 1st Silicon, Lawrence Y D Ho & Associates, October 11, 2005: US06952886 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a new and improved overlay vernier that can increase the overlay measurement accuracy. The overlay vernier of the present invention comprises an inner square vernier and an outer square vernier. The outer vernier comprises a central square opening and four trapezoid-sh ...

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A socket contact with Kelvin contact for the testing of IC devices comprising a plurality of conducting strip sets embedded across a non-conducting base. Each strip set includes two pairs of electrodes. Two pairs of electrodes are designed such that each pair functions to contact one of the two corr ...