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Disclosed are prosthetic devices for insertion into intervertebral disc spaces after the removal of an intervertebral disc or after a corpectomy. Specifically, intervertebral devices having fixed shapes for accommodating the defined surface contours of vertebral endplates are disclosed. Also disclos ...

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Novel cutting guides and surgical methods for use in knee arthroplasty are described. Embodiments of the inventive cutting guide apparatus include fixed and adjustable cutting guide blocks having a series of slots designed to accommodate a cutting saw. The cutting guides and surgical method are desi ...

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A machining assembly, including a of the disclosure novel broach design, are disclosed for preparing a femoral medullary cavity for receipt of a femoral prosthetic stem, wherein the configuration of the implantation site allows for the neutral alignment of the prothesis within the medullary cavity f ...

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Prosthetic systems, specifically acetabular implant systems, each comprising a preformed modular mantle designed to secure an acetabular implant within the acetabulum are disclosed.

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An automated self-service mail processing and storing system is disclosed which is capable of receiving input from and providing instructions to a user via a touch-sensitive screen or a digitized voice system. The system is capable of weighing the mail item, receiving user identification information ...

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An improved asymmetric femoral hip stem component for use in cementless hip replacement procedures is described. The stem comprises a proximal region having a novel three-dimensional configuration to allow for better fit and stability of the stem within the femoral intramedullary canal with minimal ...

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A novel method for producing an autologous platelet rich blood composition is described. The resulting blood composition is useful in procedures for enhancing bone fusion, hemostasis, and repairing soft tissue in animals.

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A digestible pouch and method for aiding in the oral administration of substances suitable for ingestion, in particular medicinal agents, is disclosed. Specific embodiments of the invention include a pouch formed of an edible food stuff material that is pleasing to the recipient, wherein the pouch c ...