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An arrangement for retaining a heart valve in a passageway of a cardiovascular system, and a heart valve useable therewith. The retaining arrangement includes an annular arrangement surrounding the circular heart valve and engaging it so as to be radially expandable and contractable relative thereto ...

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A sternum clamp is provided which comprises a first elongate planar clamping member having turned over, opposed lateral flanges defining guide groove members slidingly received in said guide grooves and movable longitudinally relative to the first clamping member. The clamping members each include p ...

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After a patient's teeth have become substantially perfectly aligned by a custom or preformed positioner, one or more selected depressions are filled with a liner material in a soft moldable state and having the property of hardening over a short period of time at body temperature and adhering to the ...

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A system for remotely reading, storing and transmitting the current reading of a plurality of utility meters to a central computer. Each remote location using a utility is fitted with a transponder which is connected to the various utility meters. The transponders are capable of receiving pulses fro ...

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A ripple bed has an upper and a lower inflatable layer. The upper layer has separate air passages which are independently inflatable and deflatable to provide the rippling effect. The lower layer is separately inflatable to provide support over any area of the upper layer which is deflated.

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A portable, power operated fluid infusion device is disclosed for automatically, intraveneously administering a drug to a patient. The device comprises a housing which contains a mechanically operated timing mechanism, a rack in engagement with a pinion rotated by the timing mechanism, and spiral sp ...

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Apparatus for detecting the position of an object, e.g. for interaction with a computer graphic display, has a number of light emitting diodes in an endless array, and a lesser number of light detecting devices for providing electrical signals in response to momentary and successive energization of ...

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A portable closed wound suction device is provided which is adapted to be worn on the body following outpatient and other limited surgical procedures. Specifically, the device provides a rigid container which is adapted to be strapped to the body of a patient with a tubular connection to a wound for ...

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A joint for joining two sheets of fabric incorporates a stiff rib formed with two parallel passageways and a slot providing lateral access to each passageway. Each sheet of fabric has one boundary edge enlarged in the form of a bead integral with the sheet. Each sheet is attached to the rib by engag ...

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An apparatus for treating carcinoma of the walls and floor of the pelvic cavity. An elongated tube has an inner end adapted to be placed in the pelvic cavity and an outer end adapted to extend through to the outside of the body. Radioactive material is placed at the inner end. An inner ballon above ...