William A Hughes, Patrick Conway: Method and apparatus for injecting write data into a cache. Advanced Micro Devices, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, December 26, 2006: US07155572 (30 worldwide citation)

A data processing system (100, 600) has a memory hierarchy including a cache (124, 624) and a lower-level memory system (170, 650). A data element having a special write with inject attribute is received from a data producer (160, 640), such as an Ethernet controller. The data element is forwarded t ...

Charles Balian, Steven E Bergerson, Gregg C Currier: Thermal interface material with low melting alloy. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, Chi Suk Kim, December 12, 2006: US07147367 (27 worldwide citation)

A thermal interface composition undergoes a viscoelastic change at microprocessor operating temperatures to transfer heat generated by a heat source, such as a microprocessor to a heat sink. The composition includes a low melting alloy dispersed in a matrix. The matrix comprises a viscoelastic compo ...

Richard T Witek, Suzanne Plummer, James Joseph Montanaro, Stephen Charles Kromer, Kathryn Jean Hoover: Method and apparatus for lowering bus clock frequency in a complex integrated data processing system. Advanced Micro Devices, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, August 15, 2006: US07093153 (24 worldwide citation)

A data processing system (100) comprises a system bus (120), a plurality of devices (110, 150, 160, 170) coupled to the system bus (120), a bus monitor circuit (140), and a clock generator (130). The plurality of devices (110, 150, 160, 170) includes at least one bus master (110, 150) which is capab ...

Thomas H Hamilton: Efficient memory check architecture and method. Advanced Micro Devices, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, July 17, 2007: US07246269 (24 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for use in testing a memory (230) coupled to a processing node (214). A background scrubber (316) in the processing node (214) is initialized to perform a test of the memory (230). A status of the background scrubber (316) is checked in which the status indicates w ...

Charles D Thompson, Edward Kim Fung Lee: Low noise image reject mixer and method therefor. Silicon Laboratories, Larson Newman Abel & Polansky, November 25, 2008: US07457605 (21 worldwide citation)

A receiver (200) includes a transconductance mixer (310), a polyphase filter (320), and a transimpedance amplifier (330). The transconductance mixer (310) mixes a radio frequency (RF) voltage signal into a current signal having a plurality of phases using a local oscillator signal. The polyphase fil ...

Michael Zimmermann: Magnesium ammonium phosphate cement composition. Kyphon SARL, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, October 7, 2008: US07431763 (18 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a cement, which comprises in its main phase of microcrystalline magnesium ammonium phosphate and nanoapatite after hardening and thus at the same time has considerable strength. The material is biologically degradable and is suitable for application in tooth cements, as bon ...

Richard A Johnson: Tuner using a direct digital frequency synthesizer, television receiver using such a tuner, and method therefor. Silicon Laboratories, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, September 16, 2008: US07425995 (16 worldwide citation)

A television tuner (920) is adapted for use in a television receiver (900) that receives a radio frequency (RF) signal from an input device (910) and outputs audio and video information from a selected channel in response thereto. The television tuner (920) includes a direct digital frequency synthe ...

Richard A Johnson: Tuner for radio frequency receivers and associated method. Silicon Laboratories, Larson Newman Abel & Polansky, June 16, 2009: US07548742 (16 worldwide citation)

A tuner architecture is disclosed that mixes an analog RF input signal and a digital local oscillator signal to generate a output signal at a desired IF frequency, including low-IF and zero-IF solutions. The tuner provides a number of advantages over previous implementations, such as improved perfor ...

Hui Tang, Christopher L Mirley, Ralph Bauer: Boehmite particles and polymer materials incorporating same. Saint Gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Larson Newman Abel Polansky & White, Joseph P Sullivan, March 13, 2007: US07189775 (16 worldwide citation)

A modified polymer material is discloses, including a polymer base and boehmite particles provided in the polymer base. the boehmite particles are made up of mainly anisotropically shaped particles.

Andrew W Krone: Radio frequency low noise amplifier with automatic gain control. Silicon Laboratories, Larson Newman Abel Polanky & White, July 25, 2006: US07081796 (16 worldwide citation)

A low noise amplifier (500) includes a first transconductance device (326) having a control electrode for receiving a first input signal, and a first current electrode; a first load device (322) having a first terminal coupled to a first power supply voltage terminal and a second terminal coupled to ...

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